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dh not been paid again.

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HarrietJones Mon 05-Sep-11 12:37:28

Dh has a p/t job for a small buisiness( dont want to be more specific)and hasn't been paid since start of August. It's weekly pay so owed quite a bit now. Was promised cash last week but boss wasn't in on his day. Now boss in hospital and not really anyone in charge.
What can he do? 

Am at work so can't reply quickly

hairylights Mon 05-Sep-11 17:28:21

He can find a job that pays? That's the only constructive advice I can give - he needs to start applying ASAP.

iklboo Mon 05-Sep-11 17:59:05

CAB or ACAS help?

hermioneweasley Mon 05-Sep-11 18:04:49

I would get out - the last thing you ever compromise on is paying staff so things must be bad and unlikely to get better. Hope he finds something quickly.

HarrietJones Mon 05-Sep-11 18:23:33

It's a v disorganised place rather than they don't have the money IYSWIM. Wages have been random days rather than specific & depends on when they've been handed to (outsourced ) payroll. It's somewhere margins are tight but they are doing better than he started.

Other workers are owed anything between one week & 6.

I've told him of another similar job advertised though wink

Grevling Mon 05-Sep-11 20:29:09

"It's a v disorganised place rather than they don't have the money IYSWIM."

I don't believe anyone is that disorganised that they forget to pay staff for 6 weeks and expect them to turn up. I'd get him out ASAP and tell him to go and see his boss for his wages. He doesn't have to be threatening just turn up, its very hard to tell people no to their face.

If the boss wants a "few days to get cash" just politley say no and that you'd want paying today.

HarrietJones Mon 05-Sep-11 20:34:08

Boss is in hospital. No one to pay them.

HarrietJones Tue 06-Sep-11 15:18:30

Boss wife turned up today & dh (& colleagues) all nagged approached her & they are getting a payment today(tomorrow?) of about 2/3 then the rest when it's calculated.

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