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FAO: Solicitors, lawyers anyone with experience this:How to record work issues? Please give example

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fizzymilk Fri 02-Sep-11 11:23:55


I'm having some problems with boss at the moment. Boss is one of those types that will say the most offensive and illegal things e.g. clearly discriminatory e.g. "you should apply for a secretarial job" but will always say these things behind closed doors only if me and him in room. If I were to ever put in writing via email saying that I found this unprofessional, he is the type that would not respond to the e-mail or even lie saying it's been made up. As a result it's his word against mine. Also, is it possible to record conversations or not- if I were to do this and tell him I am making a recording then obviously he will not make discriminatory comments. Therefore, I was wondering what is the best way of keeping a record for use as evidence in future if it comes to that. Using the example comment I have given above, how should i record this as evidence and future statements to come i.e. what should i write. Also, should I be sending him copy of what he said? HR? his manager? Note: as is his words against mine and he is very senior, HR and others more likely to listen to his word rather then mine so the reason I would be sending to them is not that I believe they will help me(they won't by past incidents) but for a legal case if the situation does not improve after I have exhausted every other method.

In the past I wanted to raise a grievance about an issue. He found out and he told be he will make my life very difficult if I do this. Staff in other teams (different managers) have raised grievances and their lives have been made hell to the point that they are driven out of the organisation.

KatieMiddleton Fri 02-Sep-11 17:43:08

What do you need to collect evidence for? What is the allegation and where do you intend to raise it?

I'm not an employment lawyer - I'm in HR and have paid many thousands of pounds used the services of an employment lawyer and have studied employment law.

From what you've said I would not make a secret recording of anything. You probably can't use it as evidence although some tribunals have made exceptions in the past.

If someone is making in appropriate comments the first thing you should do is tell the person you find their comments inappropriate and if possible why.

Unreasonablyfedup Fri 02-Sep-11 18:20:32

It is not my area - but I suggest you make a contemporaneous record of what has happened - or as soon as possible thereafter, whether you do it in a notebook, or sending an email to yourself or similar - with the date and time - and with exact quotes if you can remember them.

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