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HR not responding to a query and ignoring my emails - what can I do??

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reddaisy Thu 01-Sep-11 22:10:55

I am now on maternity leave and I emailed HR for the first time on August 23 requesting confirmation that I would still receive my childcare vouchers when I am on maternity leave.

I sent them the link to the legislation to help them realise that I should still get paid the voucher during my leave. I work in a large company but our HR is notoriously shit.

I have had no reply and I have sent two polite follow up emails since requesting a response and still no reply.

What can I do next? This is starting to piss me off as I wanted all the loose ends tied up before the baby comes.

InachisYarns Thu 01-Sep-11 22:19:02

write to the director, stating that you have already tried to sort this out with HR but had no response

reddaisy Thu 01-Sep-11 22:22:19

The managing director of the company? Do you think I have given them long enough to respond?

KatieMiddleton Thu 01-Sep-11 23:29:26

Phone them.

reddaisy Thu 01-Sep-11 23:40:21

I thought about that Katie but ideally I want a paper trail about this as myself and colleagues have had issues with HR in the past.

scarlettsmummy2 Thu 01-Sep-11 23:43:08

Phone them, then email after detailing the conversation and what was agreed.

KatieMiddleton Thu 01-Sep-11 23:43:46

You have enough trail. Just note down the date and time of call and who you spoke to. Or better still send a confirmation email afterwards summarising the conversati

KatieMiddleton Thu 01-Sep-11 23:45:00

X-posted and chopped off end of message.

reddaisy Thu 01-Sep-11 23:46:29

That could work, it would be most likely that they would fob me off and I would still be none the wiser. And they would ignore any summary email, shame I can't complaint to HR about them grin

reddaisy Mon 05-Sep-11 14:00:30

As I thought, I have been fobbed off and HR woman said they are "looking into my request" as I am the first person to "request this."

I am planning to send an email to confirm our conversation took place but if they decide to not issue the childcare vouchers during my maternity leave then what step can I take next? Who can I complain to?

flowery Mon 05-Sep-11 16:30:27

If they refuse to provide them it's a sex discrimination claim - it's being treated less favourably due to your maternity leave. if they provide them but deduct from your SMP that's an HMRC complaint.

reddaisy Mon 05-Sep-11 19:48:03

Thanks flowery. Fingers crossed someone somewhere figures that out before it comes to that.

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