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Return to Work - unclear of Rights

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charlie277 Thu 01-Sep-11 11:12:01

I've just returned to work after having just over 12 months off and confirmed with my company I would return to my old role. They didn't advise otherwise so I turned up on my first day expecting my maternity cover to hand things over but she's still in the role. My boss wants to keep her on in some capacity so is extending her placement and has told us to 'work things out', sharing the work till the new headcount comes in in a couple of months. She is desperate to stay in my role so is handing nothing over, keeping back information and is generally making life difficult (hasn't even given my desk and phone back). There is some travel required in the role and she has been telling my management I can't possibly do this role anymore with a baby. I can manage travel but aren't being given the chance to show I can still do my job but unfortunately they seem to believe her. There is only one permanent position at the moment and it's mine (she's still on secondment from another department) so I thought she would need to hand the job over until such a time when another role has been created. I feel completely helpless and don't know what my rights are. It's made returning to work very uncomfortable. Any tips appreciated.

KatieMiddleton Thu 01-Sep-11 11:17:53

Set up a meeting with your manager and say what you've just said. Also point out that you have a permanent contract and expect to be given every opportunity to fulfil that contract and that it is not fair on anyone to be in this limbo.

If that doesn't work you can raise a grievance. However in the first instance your best option is always to try to deal with things informally.

charlie277 Thu 01-Sep-11 11:30:38

Thanks, I do want to avoid getting to the grievance stage but my boss is avoiding the issue as he knows everyone is feeling awkward. Although I would prefer she isn't around, I will do as instructed and work with her but think (given it's my role) that I should be the one who determines how the workload is managed and not her. Legally does she need to hand the job back in this interim period?

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