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Performance related issues/stress

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JuicyJ Tue 30-Aug-11 16:42:54

I'm been on 3 performance related plans now since last year as i'm struggling to hit the sales targets. I'm still working for the company which shows they are not being consistent with their treatment of me as i've not been dismissed, but think it's only a matter of time now. I have tried different approaches but am not getting the results my business is expecting of me and feel that i'm not getting the support I need. I was very successful in my last company but was supported well with a positive boss and team and felt very passionate about what I did so know I can do the job, however i'm now getting stressed constantly, feeling sick alot of the time and worrying constantly about work. I fear my little one is getting to see a unhappy mother most of the time and worry what the impact of this will be, my mum also commented today that i'm a bag of nerves and have been unhappy for a year now. I dont know what to do as I worry about leaving my job and getting another, I also dont want to get signed off as I worry how this will be seen, but am feeling very teary, isolated and low - has anyone else been in this situation and what advice do you have.


Grevling Tue 30-Aug-11 23:49:05

Are work treating you consistently against others. I.e. is the target for all salespeople £X or is it £X and yours £Y.

As for getting signed off you have to look at what that is going to accomplish. I've seen lots of people signed off and come back to work as if a 3 week break was going to cure the underlying problems.

You need to look at what you think is causing the issue and how that can be solved. You say you need more support. What would you like them to do, what did your old place do that this place isn't doing.

Bear in mind that "support" should not equate to "does the job for you" and you also need to consider that sometimes the best action is to look for a new company. Not everyone fits every company and vice versa.

JuicyJ Wed 31-Aug-11 07:51:46

Thanks that was really sound advice i'm not keen to get signed off as that wouldnt help and prefer to tackle issues head on rather than hope they go away. There isnt consistency with my treatment vs others as I know there are others who arent being treated the same, but that's irrelevant to me. Have been looking elsewhere but think it's a case of taking the plunge now. Thanks again, that's really focussed my mind.

flowery Wed 31-Aug-11 08:49:16

I agree with Grevling, good advice.

I don't think the fact that you haven't been dismissed already shows that they are not being consistent with your treatment of you. It's a good thing surely? If you want to leave, which I think you do, and should, then doing so before you get dismissed is key.

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Wed 31-Aug-11 08:54:08

What support do you want that you haven't been given? Has there been any improvement in your performance? How far are away are you from your targets? Do you realistically think you can achieve these targets?

JuicyJ Wed 31-Aug-11 14:12:38

Thanks all for your comments, it will be impossible to recover my performance now so know what I need to do now, it's been great to have feedback on this, now to start looking ahead.

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