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Unhappyinmyjob Wed 24-Aug-11 16:55:12

Hi! Am looking for some advice, i work as a nurse in a hospital and i normally work 2 nights a week but recently i have been given day shifts which i am really really struggling with to get help with my twins-15 months. My dp also works different hours during the day so not muchto go with there.

My mother and mil have offered to help out but they both work during the day. I used to be fine working the occasional week of days as my sister used to look after them for me but now she is pregnant obv i cant expect her to help anymoresad

I cant afford to pay for childcare as it would mean i will be working full time to pay for it and have v little left over, as i have debt that im slowly getting the better of! Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Angel786 Wed 24-Aug-11 17:01:12

Simple and obvious but have you spoken to your manager about how the change in shifts affects you?

Unhappyinmyjob Wed 24-Aug-11 17:36:36

hi thanks for replyingsmile Well they are aware of my difficulties but i suppose i will have to speak to them again. The problem is i think they expect all staff to work a mix of days and nights but its getting impossible to work this out. im beginning to think i should join an agency so i can specify what shifts i can work!!

whostolemyname Wed 24-Aug-11 20:42:31

Have you put in a formal flexible working request?

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