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Right for Temp-Part Time staff

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js1000 Mon 22-Aug-11 17:17:37

I need some advice please-

Year ago I started working as a maternity cover (3 days) for six months. Than I was given another 6 months temp contract again 3 days a week doing different role in same department. I was told that they are going to advertise this (current) post possibly internally but as full time, because they would be happy to have me on this job and also If i am interested I can apply for this permanent position and they would consider job share if I have problem doing full time.
Everything was going well until this new manager started. She has as such no problem with me but she hardly talks to me. She called me other day saying that this job is going to be only full time and they cannot consider jobshare on that.They will be advertising this job externally also like in newspapers etc

Indirectly she said we cannot accommodate wit your needs.

I was wondering do i have any rights in this case? Should i get any preference to others in interview as i have had outstanding work record doing both roles. Can i ask for flexible working like work other 2 days from home etc.


flowery Mon 22-Aug-11 19:14:31

You don't have any rights to preferential treatment no. Your current role is temporary and part time, the new role is permanent and full time. You can apply and are obviously in a good position but they're not obliged to offer it to you over and above anyone else or anything.

Neither are they obliged to try and find a job share for you, or to let you work from home two days, but you can certainly ask for those things.

If it's possible to do the job well from home (and assuming you will have childcare for those two days), then if that will allow you to do it full time that might be a good bet, particularly if the new manager is averse to a job share. Easier to do that than find a suitable job share partner anyway - it's all very well saying they'd consider a job share but unless you have someone in mind that's still a recruitment process to go through.

StillSquiffy Tue 23-Aug-11 08:09:58

You will probably also find that if you apply and go with intention of then formally asking for job share/flexibility before or after getting the job you will probably not have the right to formally apply for this until you have completed a period of service (usually - IME - 12 months), Can you ask one of your permanent colleagues to check the company's flexible policy to confirm this? If that's the case you might be on a sticky wicket if the new boss is set against part time workers.

flowery Tue 23-Aug-11 11:23:00

If you are a parent entitled to request flexible working you can do so once you've completed 26 weeks' service for your employer. The employer doesn't get to set longer timescales than that - the only other restriction is not being able to make more than one request in 12 months.

js1000 Tue 23-Aug-11 11:38:06

Thanks Both ! Good to know the truth.....I have already been with this employer for a year, If I get this permanent position would my previous service still be counted or do I have to start allover again than after 26 weeks apply for flexible working?

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