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emz12 Sat 20-Aug-11 15:30:11

hi all this is my first ever thread..

my question to you all is what would you do in my situation..

i am a single mum my sons farther has nothing to do with us... i work in a local shop 16 hours a week and overtime when needed... 90% of the staff work 4/6 hour shifts only the supervisors are full time... i have one shift that i am struggling with my sunday morning... my dad looks after my son from 5 pm sat night till after 11 sunday morning cos i do sat 6 till 10 ( this shift isnt a problem) however my dad is finding it hard to do sunday as well... so i spoke to my boss who has ignored me so i put in a flexable working request this point i should point out im the only member of staff who needs childcare and has a child younger than 14.... since this has happened i have been ignored by certain staff and spoken to like dirt..also like to point out that i have asked when old staff have left to swap before boss put out for new staff... some of the women who i have to say are all married and have children over 14 have been the worse saying i should go back on to benefits this however isnt an option as im not entitled to go back on income support and if i give up my job even with childcare problems it would be my own fault and i may not be entitled to any help as told by a job center advisor... what would you all do im looking for another job but i live in the middle of no where and jobs are few and far between should i put in a complaint to my higher boss should i just walk or should i stick it out.... im in a state i cant sleep i keep crying even when im at work i feel depressed please any advice would be welcome

cheesypopfan Sat 20-Aug-11 15:55:20

Gosh - what an awful position for you to be in. Sounds like leaving really isnt an option until you find another job, so I guess you have few options. I would request a meeting with your manager and explain your predicament and ask for assistance re flexible working. If boss says no, you would be entitled to ask why. If you get nowhere, I don't think you have any choice but to take it higher. You are also being bullied, which is dreadful. Is this a big company?

I would also take advice from CAB or some other such agency regarding your rights as an employee.

I'm sorry i can't offer much more help, but I hope you get this sorted soon.

cheesypopfan Sat 20-Aug-11 15:57:38

sorry, maybe i misread - i see that you put in a flexible working request. Did it get approved and are you now not working Sundays?

emz12 Sat 20-Aug-11 22:35:13

no they've not said anything to me as of yet but it's horrible to work in... i feel as im being pushed out cos im not as flexable as the other staff thanks for the advise i think i will have to see the cab people if it doesnt improve

cheesypopfan Sun 21-Aug-11 07:52:13

Def think you should get further advice as you are def being bullied. I don't know much about employment law, but there is something called constructive dismissal -
If you feel you are forced to leave due to bullying or your employer not taking your flexible working request seriously, you may be entitled to take them to a tribunal for this and get compensation. As I said, not too up on employment law so worth checking it out with someone who is.

cheesypopfan Sun 21-Aug-11 07:55:07

and check out mn own advice re applying for flexible workiing -
where it states that your employer must follow a proper procedure when a request is made. Doesn't sound like that has happened in your case

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