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Pregnancy and termination of employment contract

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TheBreadstick Thu 18-Aug-11 15:40:20

Hi All

I'm fairly new on MN and I've just posted this in Legal (and Pregnancy), but been advised to post here for sound advice ...

Any wise words greatly recieved ...

Bread x

Grevling Thu 18-Aug-11 23:20:03

They can't use pregnancy as a reason to make you redundant.

They could end your contract for another reason and not renew you even if funding is obtained though as you'd have been there 2 years they would have to make you redundant and pregnant lady + redundancy + hiring someone else is likely to land them in hot water and be fairly obvious.

I wouldn't worry about .... most employers don't act as people fear they will. Do you have any reason to think they will end your contract of employment?

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