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Anyone temping during pregnancy?

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yaimee Thu 18-Aug-11 08:37:40

Hi everyone,
Just wondered if anyone has any experience of temping, particularly through agencies while pregnant?
Or better still, anyone who has employed a pregnant temp?
I'm 5 months and really hoping that I might be able to get a couple of months temping in an office. Do I have a hope in hell?

wildspinning Mon 22-Aug-11 22:00:47

Yes I did!

This was 6 years ago mind but I temped right up until I was 33 weeks.

I signed on with some agencies at the start of my pregnancy (I quit uni when discovered I was pregnant and needed work) and never needed to go into the agency offices to in my timesheets as I emailed/faxed them over on a Friday, so the agencies didn't actually know I was pregnant. When I finished one job I rang them and asked for another and didn't say I was pregnant until really near the end.

I appreciate the recession has hit since then and also that you're 5 months along. However, I would recommend going into agencies and asking for work and not drawing any attention to your bump. Almost pretend it's not there smile I did this at each job I went to and people only commented near the end when it was pretty obvious! (I did have a small bump though!)

Good luck - there is no reason on earth why you can't get a few months' work if you're physically able to do it and you have the skills. Hope it works out for you.

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