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Nhs jobs questions

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MegGriffin Wed 17-Aug-11 09:07:27

Hello. I have applied for an HCA job and wondered if someone could answer a few questions please.
On the web site it says informal visits welcome. Do I wait to see if I get an interview first or try and go anyway. I thought it would be embarassing all round if I went for a visit but they knew I would never get an interview.

Does anyone know how long the recruitment process takes? All I know is the closing date is the 28th Aug.
With the salary, I notice it is based on points. Can anyone explain how that works please and how you work your way up through the points.
Many thanks grin

twinklytoes Wed 17-Aug-11 21:35:36

firstly good luck.

I always put informal visits on adverts. I expect people to call and arrange before submitting their application. Also informal visits are good to guage the environment etc as there are likely to be questions asked that you may not know the answers too if you haven't been to visit. i.e. we always have scenario questions but those that have visited are always able to provide better, more detailed answers as they've observed the environment etc. Also, we always remember those that visit and especially, if they've asked pertinent questions or share their experiences etc they stick when it comes to shortlisting.

if you are having doubts that you would get an interview then phone first and say this is me would it be worth visiting / submitting an application.

the nhs jobs website has a shortlisitng form that we use. it is supposed to fit in line with the essential and desirable criteria on the person specification attached to the advert. Therefore, top tip - write your supporting evidence based on the person spec and you'll make shortlisting easier and more chances of getting an interview.

if they haven;t given anything other than closing date then interview dates may not have been set. But in principle, it works like this for me -
*closing date arrives
*HR remove the parts of applications forms I can't see (i.e. anything that's discriminatory.
* I receive an email link to view applications and can begin shortlisting.
* I decide who's going through, give reasons why those that aren't etc
* HR set interview dates and times.
*HR respond to applicants via the website.
*Alll the above can be done in two working days and we always do this straight on closing.
* interviews are always set for 7 working days later.
* interviews occur.
* decisions made at the end of all interviews
* HR make initial contact within 24hrs if yes subject to refs and crb and occupational health clearance,
* contact with refs etc are made.
* crb form sent.
recruitment process can be through in three weeks but appointment will not occur until refs and crb etc are returned. historically its the crb that takes time so we always recommend nobody hands notice in till the crb is returned even if they know its clear. on average, it will take 3 months for closing date to get someone in post if a crb is needed. we can override this and employ subject to the crb arriving before getting a permanent contract but there has to be a major need (i.e. excess money spent on agency if not in post) and a risk assessment in place. we do use this and the new employee spend this time getting all the mandatory training out of the way.

money - each role is assigned a pay band (guessing yours would be either 2 or 3). within the pay band are pay points. Unless you already have an nhs post then you will be offered at the bottom. You progress up paypoints each year on the anniversary of your employment. though you need to achieve the knowledge skills framework (ksf) for the role to get through the first pay point and again at the last pay point. This is assessed through the performance assessment period, appraisals and personal development plans. You can read more by googling agenda for change.
There is some scope to negiotate but its not the done thing in the lower down bands. If you have expereince and qualifications doing the same or similar job in the private sector then it would be worth raising the pay and ask if this could be negiotated.

think thats everything in a slightly large nutshell grin

MegGriffin Wed 17-Aug-11 21:54:55

Wow twinklytoes, thank you so much for your detailed reply.
As it happens I have done this all wrong I think. I submitted my application yesterday and although the closing date was meant to be the 28th, it has already disappeared from the web site. I am guessing they already have enough applications. I do not currently work for the NHS so this is all new to me.
My application got through on time (I think) as i got a confirmation but I am not holding my breath.

twinklytoes Wed 17-Aug-11 22:04:52

you've not done it wrong - there isn't a right way. I've just described what we do. I would definately call for a visit though. As your application is in, you could wait and see if you get an interview date. if you do then arrange a visit.

it's becoming common practice to close applications early. there's just too many applicants at the moment. on average I will read 80-100 applications for one/two band three posts. Over half of them won't make the criteria or generally think they are applying for something completly different to what they have. I work in forensic mental health - I've losted count the times I've read applications that think we reinact CSI new york / miami on a daily basis.

the last time I was recruiting I would get sent the applications daily so i could have an idea of the calibre of applicants and authorise an early closure if need be.

MegGriffin Wed 17-Aug-11 22:11:37

I will see if I get an interview, fingers crossed. The only problem I can forsee now is I am going away on Saturday until next Thurs. I hope that it doesn't clash and I can still visit.

Thank you for replying to my post. If I don't get an interview, it won't put me off, I will keep trying smile. If I do get an interview I will be back to let you know smile smile

bilblio Wed 17-Aug-11 22:50:35

Good luck Meg, twinklytoes has given you everything but just in case you aren't lucky this time (there's such competition at the moment.) I just wanted to stress one thing. The system we use for going through applications is all based on a points scheme. Every time you mention on the application that you have one of the essential or desirable criteria you get a point. If you don't mention it you get nothing. The people with most points get an interview.

So if it asks for GCSE Maths & English grade C or above, write down that you have it. Don't put 8 GCSE's all grade A, it's not specific enough and people checking the applications can't make an assumption, especially when they're going through so many applications. As twinklytoes says we generally get about 100 applications for every Band 3 post, we're a more specialised area too.

I've known of people who are massively over qualified not get an interview because they've written about all the wonderful things they've done, and barely mentioned the criteria required in the job specification.

MegGriffin Thu 18-Aug-11 18:05:59

Thanks bilblio. It's a grade 2 paed hca. I meet all the essential criteria and all of the desirable (except care experience with children) but I am under no illusion that I will get an interview.
I imagine the fact it was pulled off the site 10 days early says it all really.
I did try to write my person spec from the criteria but it's so hard to know if you are saying the right things.

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