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Breastfeeding breaks , paid or unpaid?

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HarrietJones Mon 15-Aug-11 07:24:47

my understanding was they were unpaid. I was expecting to use my flexi-time to cover them(am hoping not to need very long!). But I was at a talk yesterday with some women who were knowledgable about breastfeeding/lots of experience working with bf mothers and they were adamant that they were paid breaks. Up to an hour twice a day for full timers.

So I came home and did some research and all I could find were documents which said 'unlike many continental countries Britain doesn't offer paid breast feeding breaks'.

So is there new legislation or were these women wrong?

Grevling Mon 15-Aug-11 10:24:26

They may have been talking about their specific circumstances/company. I've not heard anything about paid breaks to breastfeed but I'm not the most reliable source of information at the best of times.

Marlinspike Mon 15-Aug-11 10:32:43

I would concur with Grevling. AFAIK there's nothing in any legislation to say that BF breaks should be paid - probably depends how generous (profitable) your employer is.

HarrietJones Mon 15-Aug-11 11:44:38

They were talking ingeneral. Neither were eligible themselves , one referred to a woman in the civil service and the other talked in general.

flowery Mon 15-Aug-11 14:10:30

No entitlement to paid breaks, no. See HSE leaflet for new or expectant mothers

HarrietJones Mon 15-Aug-11 15:03:04

Thanks , that's all I found , I was pretty sure google would have brought up something about if there had been changes.

Hoping I can express pretty quickly otherwise I'll be getting home much later than usual!

RamblingRosa Mon 15-Aug-11 15:07:17

No right to paid leave unfortunately. Lots of good info here. Maternity Action also have a very good helpline if you want some more advice.... 0845 600 8533

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