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Why are interviews and assessments so absolutely draining?

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Donein Thu 11-Aug-11 22:16:10

I should probably post this in AIBU but feeling rather fragile - so putting it here instead! I had an interview and assessment today for a new job. I am not sure I even want the job anymore but I can't help feeling that I stuffed up both - which is making me a bit self-pitying. Even though I'd feel very conflicted about taking it - for various reasons.

But the worse thing is sitting here kicking myself for saying things that were most definitely stupid. Being pg, tired and hormonal probably doesn't help - but I can help wondering if I've actually forgotten how to do this getting a job thing altogether.

Rambling whinge over...

And before someone says it - I know I should be pleased I got an interview at all in this climate - and I am. But just wish there was a less painful way to get employed..

PattySimcox Fri 12-Aug-11 08:55:44

It is draining anyway but when pregnant it is even harder.

I think it is cos you know that you are under the microscope and want to give your best so full of adrenalin for the duration that afterwards it leaves you feeling shattered.

Good luck with the job btw

An0therName Fri 12-Aug-11 16:05:46

its is hard - find it very tiring and I am not pg - only thing to do if you don't get it is to put it down to experience - its all good practice

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