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Work trying to change flexible T&Cs while I'm on mat leave

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feelingfrantic Thu 11-Aug-11 15:12:17

Have name changed as don't want to be recognisable should anyone from work see this.

Am on mat leave with DC2, due to go back in a couple of months. Been in same post five years (second period of mat leave). It's a govt role in techie stuff/comms.

Since coming back after DC1, I have worked from home three days a week and in the office two days a week (with childcare locally). It has worked out very well - I have taken on extra responsibilities, have had glowing appraisals and so on. No one has ever raised any problems.

However, I have a new ultimate boss who doesn't like flexible working and has already made disparaging comments about me not being 'visible' enough.

And I got an email from my immediate boss this morning saying we would need to talk about the arrangements under which I 'hope' to return to work and they weren't sure they 'could allow' me to continue my current arrangements.

Realistically, I can see that it is easier for my team if I'm in more, just to discuss things. And no doubt top brass prefer to see bums on seats. But there is no technical reason whatsoever that I need to be in more - my entire job, apart from meetings, can be done from home, and I can discuss things via email and phone very efficiently.

Added to this, DC2 was prem (v nearly didn't survive) and although is OK now, I was already suffering massive anxiety at the thought of leaving him two days a week and now I'm frantic.

What realistically can they make me do? I am unionised, BTW.

HappyMummyOfOne Thu 11-Aug-11 18:28:16

What happens the three days you work from home? You only mention leaving him for two days so do you not use childcare for the three days you work from home?

If so, I can quite see why your new manager would not be happy with that arrangement.

feelingfrantic Thu 11-Aug-11 18:58:18

I do use childcare when I work from home, up to now it has been nursery till mid-afternoon so I can get my hours done (starting v early) and then spend time with DS1.

No-one has ever complained or raised a problem. Or noticed, as far as I know!

feelingfrantic Thu 11-Aug-11 21:24:05

Bumping just in case because speaking to boss tomorrow.

tiggersreturn Fri 12-Aug-11 11:47:37

Unless you have made a new flex working app and dependant on terms of previous one, your old one should be your contractual terms. Therefore any change to them has to be agreed by you. If you refuse to agree and they don't have valid business reason for the change and/or follow unfair procedure and it results in you being dismissed you'll have a claim for unfair dismissal with possible sex discrimination .

I'd suggest talking with your union rep, finding out if they're trying to make redundancies or if there is anything else behind it.

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