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What would you do here? Lower risk or potentially greater reward?

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HappyWanderer Wed 10-Aug-11 20:57:01

Sorry this is so long. Could use some advice about work.

I'm due to be made redundant on Friday, because a larger company acquired mine and there were overlaps with my division. I was warned about it a month ago and have since applied for and interviewed for an internal vacancy. I also put a lot of work into my CV and began applying for jobs outwith my company.

Last week, one of the places I applied to said they would like to conduct a first interview with me on Tuesday - two working days after my last day with my current office - which can't be moved because a panel has been convened for the interview. Another company I met with earlier this month has told me they would like to look into creating a position for me, but due to the managers' annual leave schedules, we wouldn't be able to discuss that further until September. And then today, I learned that I've been offered the internal vacancy I applied for - the office would like my decision by tomorrow or Friday latest (trying to avoid paying a severance package which would cover about 3 months' pay).

The internal vacancy is on a team that hasn't yet finished negotiating integration with the new parent company. I've been assured that this team is unlikely to see any layoffs, but was also told this about my own team earlier in the year. My salary with this new position would remain the same, so no financial incentive to stick it out with them. However, I have been with this company for almost three years so far - the people and managers who are working there just now know me, support me, and have so far been willing to train me and allow my career to develop. The internal vacancy I've been offered is the type of job I've been trying to get into with this company for awhile.

The Tuesday interview is for a job that also sounds very interesting and has better pay and better benefits, but it is a first interview with a presentation and a computer test, and it is only an interview. It would be a transfer into a new sector for me, and I have no idea how many candidates I'm up against.

The company that says they'd like to create a position for me is also in a sector I've never worked in before. It would let me use and expand on some of my skills, but I'd also have to do some sales and business development work, which I was hoping to avoid. There would be a bit of a learning curve and although I've let them know my salary expectations, I'm not sure how much they would pay or what the benefits are.

What would you do? Would you take the severance and chance it on the job market, with the potential for better pay/benefits but also potential unemployment if it doesn't work out? Or would you take the slightly lower-risk option? Having a hard time telling the difference between the bird in the hand and the two in the bush...

bedubabe Thu 11-Aug-11 06:09:57

Is there a reason why you're not considering taking the job you've been offered and still going for the other two interviews? Obviously you'd lose the option of severance pay but you can see how the interviews go and decide whether you want to give notice where you currently work.

Not the nicest thing to do to the company but then they're the ones putting you in this position in the first place!

lateatwork Thu 11-Aug-11 08:03:13

I am sure someone will come along with more info than me, but I thought if you were redeployed, then you were allowed to have a months trial in the new role and if its not suitable, then you could take redundancy anyway. Maybe doing this would allow you to test out the new role in the same company and still interview for the other roles at the same time without losing out?
Have no idea pf any gotchas, or if what i am proposing is actually how it this is supposed to work... good luck! looks like you have lots of options which is fabulous!!

An0therName Thu 11-Aug-11 09:42:35

To be honest in this job market I would take the internal role -and agree about the 28 days but I would go to the interveiws just in case

HappyWanderer Thu 11-Aug-11 16:49:51

Thanks guys, I've accepted the internal post today and requested the day off so I can take the interview. My HR manager here has been fairly supportive and says I'd have to prove the internal post is unsuitable to my contract in order to get paid redundancy after accepting, but if the interview on Tuesday goes really well, I think I'll treat it like a regular jumping ship. That day also happens to be the first day of school here, so I can pick up my stepdaughter if need be.

Feel a lot better now. Cheers!

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