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how to prepare for redundancy??

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tostaky Mon 08-Aug-11 16:04:24

I was informed this morning that some redundancy will happen soon...
and i am pretty sure i will be in line for it.
how best to prepare for negotiation?
read my contract?
also i feel i have had some negative comments and treatments since i came back from maternity 5 months ago. can i use this to get a bigger compensation pacakge? claiming unfair dismissal or something?
finally, when i came back from mat, having spent more than 5 years in my companie, i benefited from a small amount of cash and to keep it i need to work for at least 18 months. i know thta the money will stay mine if i am made redundant but will it be deducted from my redundnacy package?

hairylights Mon 08-Aug-11 17:35:42

You need to separate the issues.

Does your company have a policy (or precedent) on redundancy? Or does it follow the statutory minimum?

Have you followed the grievance policy for the issues you have on your treatment on return from maternity leave? What have you done to bring the issues to your managers attention to enable them to resolve any issues?

flowery Mon 08-Aug-11 17:59:14

Don't assume it's a 'negotiation' - redundancy isn't usually, it's 'this is what you're getting'.

Yes read your contract/other policies to see if there's anything about redundancy packages.

In terms of return to work bonuses the terms and conditions on those are entirely up to your employer so whether you keep it or not is up to them. You do say you 'know' the money will still be yours if you are redundant but then ask whether it will be deducted - it can't be both, but if the terms of your maternity policy/bonus scheme/whatever it is aren't clear, it's up to your employer really.

The fact that you feel you've had some negative comments/treatment over the past few months doesn't make potential future redundancy unfair dismissal. Either your redundancy is fair or it's not. If you are redundant because you took maternity leave that wouldn't be fair, but otherwise the issues are not related. As hairy says, have you actually addressed the treatment you feel is unfair? If not, you can't suddenly raise it now in an attempt to get money, that won't go down well at all.

tostaky Mon 08-Aug-11 22:46:21

thanks for this. and for pointing that it is not a negotiation.
they did make some redundancy to years ago with consultation and a long process. but two months ago i heard they made someone redundant without consultation.... so i dont know...
ok so probably that bonus is mine then.
and no i havent raise my concerns yet... not sure what to do, no proof in writing of all the negative comments i got.
i guess because it is not official, yet (i have been strangely "warned" that cost cutting redundancy were going to happen) i can start to express my concerns

LadyLapsang Mon 08-Aug-11 23:37:56

I think the best thing you can do is try to avoid being made redundant by strengthening your position at work and take every opportunity to invest in your career. If that fails, being ready to look for a new job - have an up to date CV ready etc.

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