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Maternity leave/holidays question

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harassedandherbug Mon 08-Aug-11 10:20:30


I can't find a proper answer for this online, and we don't have an HR person or department as we're a very small company.

So my question is this:

I'm planning on going on maternity leave at the beginning of December when I'll be 37 weeks preg. Normally we save 3 days holiday for over the Christmas period as the factory shuts down for around 10-14 days. If I'm on maternity leave at that time, do I still have to save those 3 days holiday?

Thank you, having great fun with it all!

het Mon 08-Aug-11 11:19:54

If I was you I would just take them - when you are on mat. leave you keep accruing hols as if you were at work and I think you should get paid or get the holidays in lieu for the bank holidays/public hols that you would miss if you would normally get them off.
Hope all goes well

gallicgirl Mon 08-Aug-11 11:28:00

Nope, your maternity leave overrides everything else.

Use all your annual leave for this holiday year before you go on maternity leave and you'll accrue bank holidays and annual leave while you're off.

An0therName Mon 08-Aug-11 11:28:33

No I am pretty sure you don't have to save them - I would take all the holiday you can before going on mat leave - ie maybe "officially" start mat leave a bit later; because its easier for both the employer and you if there isn't too much accurred.

harassedandherbug Mon 08-Aug-11 11:49:36

Thanks very much for that, it's pretty much as I thought.

I know it's all going to be a bit of a battle. When I told my boss I was preg I was told I was a bloody nuisance but in a kind of half joking way iykwim. Then he said he was going to have to pay me all this money for sitting on my arse, promptly followed by when am I planning on finishing and coming back....... hmm.

I haven't broached accruing bank holidays yet, I'm doing all my research and printing off "evidence" first!

An0therName Mon 08-Aug-11 11:54:49

BTW unless your boss is paying you more than statatory - which I would doubt -imagine he will get all your maternity pay back from the goverment - plus a bit extra I think in small companies - so make sure you print that out too!

Also have a think about handover and recruiting cover for you and how you could be helpful. Unless you are very specilised there are lots of good people looking for jobs at the moment

gallicgirl Mon 08-Aug-11 11:56:42

Good grief, what a pain he is.

You don't have to tell him when you're coming back. The assumption is you'll take a full year and give 8 weeks notice if you intend to return sooner.

However, I think it's only fair to give an indication of your plans so cover can be arranged. I would stress to your boss that this is only a rough idea and you don't know for certain as your plans may change while you're off.

I don't know what sort of environment you work in, but a risk assessment should be done too.

An0therName Mon 08-Aug-11 12:01:37

he does sound a pain - but if it is a very small company being an employer is pretty hard going - loads to keep on top of plus running the company

loads of info here:

harassedandherbug Mon 08-Aug-11 12:03:51

I'm here rofl'ing at handover, recruiting cover and a risk assessment....... That's the kind of place it is I'm afraid, a bit like being back in the dark ages.

I'm not sure when or if (if I can find another suitable job) I'll be back. It depends on my child minder etc as I also have a 5yr old dd, so we'll be looking it whether it'll be better for us financially for me to stay off over the summer hols while dd is off school which quadruples our childcare bill each week.

It is a specialised job within the electrical engineering/entertainment industry and whilst cover would be easy to find in a large city, we're not anywhere near one. I've a feeling cover will mean everyone else doing more! Which is not going to go down well...

It's very hard work working here at the moment!

harassedandherbug Mon 08-Aug-11 12:06:29

An0ther part of the problem is that he's not used to being a small company where everyone pitches in on everything. His background is working for very large company's where everyone does their set job. He's always moaning about his hours...... My parents used to own the company, so I'm very aware how much work it takes and there's a lot that needs doing right now.

gallicgirl Mon 08-Aug-11 13:31:33

I work in public sector and there was no cover arranged for me either. Does make me worry a little that I might be surplus to requirements!

Try not to worry too much about as ultimately it's your employer's problem.

try to relax and enjoy your new baby when he/she arrives.

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