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Really need advice!!

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DiamanteMaddy Thu 04-Aug-11 13:16:28

Basically I was in a relationshipand living with my boss who left me to go back to his ex and we have had arguments due to the fct that he and his partner think I owe him money from the deposit of our house but that's another issue. We do not get along and he and his partner make threats to me all the time.
I am now with a new partner and we found out i was pregnant. I ad to inform my boss (my ex) as I work as a security guard and couldnt really be throwing people out of buildings when pregnant. I ws allowed to work the reception shift at one of the sites 2 days a week. I had also requested to move to the London branch as I had now moved house from Kent. At 10 weeks I found out the baby had died and took a weeks holiday. I am now back at work and have asked my boss to get me a transfer asap and put me back on frontline duties as I cant live on 2 days wrk especially if I have to drive an hour each way to get there. My boss (who is still bitter and incredibly spiteful about me having a new partner) is refusing to put me on active duty and sort a transfer until I provide proof of miscarriage. I know he is only doing this to delay things and screw me over and I dont know what to do. Does he have to get this legally? He never had proof that I was even pregnant! What can I do???

I just want a transfer and have him out of my life!

Grevling Fri 05-Aug-11 08:13:02

Sounds like a transfer out of the company may be best. If he really wants this a fit note from your doctor would suffice.

Also if they forced you to go to 2 days a week as the work (security guard) wasn't suitable then they should have still paid you for the days you'd normally work but didn't as if no other suitable work is available then they must put you on leave.

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