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Bugger... didn't pass interview for my own job at work and got 4 weeks to find or a job or I'm redundant!

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groak Wed 27-Jul-11 20:15:21


Our department has been decimated, easily halved, and everyone has ahd to be interviewed for the few posts. No one was certain whether they had got the job, and today I found out I hadn't. sad

So, do I try and find another job at work that will be a 'make do' job, or sever my ties, take the money (will be about 5 months wages) and look like biggery for something else in teh current job climate?

I don't have a degree and we do need my wage (which isn't massive but it's definately needed!) so retraining isn't really a possibility. Open University will cost me at least £80 a month for at least 5 years to do a degree shock so that's pretty much out of the question.

Feckity feckity feck. I'm so fed up.

bunjies Wed 27-Jul-11 20:59:15

Oh no, so sorry you're in this position. It's a shit one and no mistake. I'm about to go through the same sort of thing although in my case my whole dept is disappearing and so I'm going to have to apply for jobs in another team where there will also be people who are currently doing the job applying for them too sad.

Anyway, on to your question. I know this is a cop out but it really does depend on what you do. Also, if at the end of the 4 weeks and you haven't found anything would you still get the 5 months money? If yes, I would look for work inside and out and then there's nothing lost if you don't find anything. If the money is a one off beforehand I would probably take it and take my chances outside but again does depend on your transferable skills.

TheFarSide Thu 28-Jul-11 15:00:45

This happened in our local authority department. I took redundancy because I don't have a mortgage and can afford to take some time off with my redundancy money, although I will need a job at some point in the next few months ... It's early days, but I have applied for about 10 jobs and not even got to interview stage. Depending on what you do, there aren't that many jobs out there and there are lots of redundant people chasing them.

A couple of my colleagues were pretty desperate because they have big mortgages/children to support etc and did need the job, and they have managed to find redeployment within the local authority.

So I would agree with bunjies.

groak Thu 28-Jul-11 15:02:08

Hi Bunjies, thanks for the reply

I'm not bothered about what job I do, I have no shame! But, I've worked in sales before and hated hated hated it, i know if i went tdoewn that route i'd be underperforming and poss at risk of no job without the redundancy!

I would get the 5 month money at the n=end of the 4 week as that is when i'd be given the official notice of redundancy and it woud be my redundancy payment, so i either try and stay internal and get no redundancy, or take no internal job (if i got offered one) an dhave the dosh.

Bugger. Sorry to hear about your work, it's crappola, isn't it?

groak Thu 28-Jul-11 15:04:27

x post, thanks farside, think i'm going to be scarbbling round internally like everyone else sad

The bit you said about aplying for jobs and not even getting to the interview, that 's what i worry about too... Hope you both go ok with fing=ding and keeping jobs.

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