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Last job Dilemma on Application - any advice?

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bourneout Tue 26-Jul-11 06:50:54

I've got an interview this week. They have my CV which shows my last relevant (professional) job - which finished last year - before I moved/got pg etc.

Since getting pg I have done a bit of temping (the odd day here and there) and a few months on a freelance contract. I didn't put this on my CV as it's not relevant at all to what I've applied for. I have now been asked to fill in an application form for the job

But - does this count as my last employer? There were no problems with the people I freelanced for - in fact they asked me to stay on - but it's much lower grade work than my professional career - and not paid nearly as well. I basically did it as I was exploring a possible new career - and being pg no-one was going to give me a proper job anyway. I don't particularly want to put them as my last employer as they won't really be able to comment on my skills anyway - and it will be rather hard to explain.

I'm tempted just to say I was freelancing for a couple of months and leave it at that? WWYD?

Putthatbookdown Tue 26-Jul-11 07:49:20

I put temp jobs on app form- there was no problem You need to be truthful on the form

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