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Giving up work...positive stories?

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Klinda Wed 20-Jul-11 13:58:00

Hello everyone,

After a lot of soul searching and number crunching I have decided to give up work for a couple of years to look after my kids full-time (3 years old, 1 year old and another due in Jan). Previously I have been a very happy working mum, doing 3 days work a week with the kids spending two days at a great nursery and my hubby looking after them the other day.

To cut a very long story short it turns out that I cannot earn enough to keep my kids in nursery and in fact it was costing us £120 a month for me to work, so with another due in Jan I have decided to take the kids out of nursery and give up work for now.

My question is: have other people taken a couple of years out and managed to get back into work ok? I was fine with just one child and a great employer but I got made redundant when I had my second and could not find a flexible new job so ended up going freelance which was hard work but rewarding...but not financially that rewarding!

Just worried that with three young kids I am going to be stuck not working for years and years and although I love hanging out with my kids I do enjoy working a few days a if you have a positive going back to work story I'd love to hear it!

Sorry for the mega long post! Thanks in advance for any replies.


COCKadoodledooo Wed 20-Jul-11 18:46:55

Hi klinda

I/we decided when ds1 was almost 3 that the time was right for me to give up work and be at home for a while (various factors, but mostly just because I wanted to). At the time I didn't consider future career prospects, just what would work for us as a family.

It's now 4.5 years (and another ds) later, and I start a new job on Monday grin It's 3 days a week and it's not paying megabucks, but I'm really looking forward to being 'me' again (plus going to the loo on my own and having hot coffee wink).

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