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Occupational Health Forms and what they do with them?

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dogmadmum Sun 17-Jul-11 15:22:18

Hi everybody, i have just been offered a part time job at the council and i have to fill out a CRB enhanced check which i am ok with as i have already been fully checked. i also have to fill out a Pre Employment Health Declaration form which i have to return to (OHS) Occupational Health Service. Can anybody tell me what OHS is and is this just a company internal thing or is it sent anywhere else?

Putthatbookdown Sun 17-Jul-11 16:00:01

I thought pre-employment declaraions were now illegal! Big lobby against it. However, Oh can sometimes be a protection if you have a health condition and can advise Management if you need time off for appointments, treatment etc so OHS can be useful In a way . OHS is internal and are your employers advisors in relation to your health. they cannot diagnose or treat you.They advise on your fitness for work re your health.If you were off work more than 28days where I work you would go to OH :they usually ask for a report from your gp,Consultant etc Employers can and do use OH to ensure they are treating you fairly if you have a disability etc

dogmadmum Sun 17-Jul-11 16:16:22

hi putthatdown smile so are you saying that for example i have asthma which is controlled by medication (i haven't had a attack for over 5 years now) if i where to go on the sick for a period of time due to my asthma (very very unlikely) they would contact my doctor for proof that i indeed have asthma, or that they would contact my doctor on receiving the form to confirm my astma is controlled? sorry but i sometimes think my brain isn't awake up there lol.
My employer has given me the form empty but on reading it says they should of filled the form in first and that i am supposed to fill my bit in and then send it straight to oh myself as it is confidential??? not sure if i should return it to employer 1st so that the forms instructions are followed correctly??

slartybartfast Sun 17-Jul-11 16:21:24

occ health shoudl be separate, nothign to do with your actual employers, ie. they dont need to read your form,

oc health will pass or fail you or interview you if necessary dependant on what you write on your form.

Bohica Sun 17-Jul-11 16:22:06

I think the form is your consent for them to contact your doctor if the need arises, with your asthma senario they would only contact your doctor when & if you became ill.

We use HR as our occ health & have to seek the permission of the employee before writing to doctors, they can refuse to give consent.

dogmadmum Sun 17-Jul-11 20:24:49

so what do i do with the form do i take it back and ask them to fill in their bit 1st as it says on form or do i fill it in and give it back to them??confused

BarkisIsWilling Sun 17-Jul-11 20:36:37

What information is missing from your employer on the form? It may well be something you can supply yourself, eg job title and location. You could phone HR up for the missing information and write in the details they give you and then send off the form.

Bohica Sun 17-Jul-11 20:39:50

I'd just fill it in & send it off.

Occ health were a great supprt to me when I had 3 miscarriages & went off the rails for a while.

mashedswede Sun 17-Jul-11 20:40:05

Hi, I work in occ health as an advisor - it depends on what kind of info they need to put on the form but in general it is only your job title that is required for occhealth to make as assessment and make any relevant recommendation. I would suggest sending the form directly to occ health and they will ask HR if they need any more info. They should not request any info from your GP without informing you first. Normally if your asthma is well controlled it won't be an issue unless you need lots of time off or if you work with any substances which might make it worse. Hope that answers your query.

dogmadmum Sun 17-Jul-11 20:43:09

they haven't filled in any of it, section 1 is supposed to be filled in by employer then passed to me to fill in section 2 i am then supposed to send it off to OHS not sure if it would look bad if i took it back to them to complete 1st confused

mashedswede Sun 17-Jul-11 20:48:31

I don't think it really matters either way - i.e you can either ask HR to complete their section first and then do your bit and send it off. Or if you want to speed up the process complete your section and send it straight in to OH as they will get the info they need form HR. What you don't want to do is fill it in and then give it back to HR as it is uyour medical confidential information and they should not have access to it. hope that makes sense

dogmadmum Sun 17-Jul-11 20:54:42

yes it does thanks

Putthatbookdown Mon 18-Jul-11 22:18:02

Bohica-v interested in what you say.My employers sent a letter to my doctor without my consent afer trying o force me for bloodtests They also sent this leter to OH My family were not pleased as they were trying to get confidential info from MY FAMILY PRACTICE-the whole thing was horrendous and so I got my lawyer involved I refused to give them any doctors reports after this and they have spent THOUSANDS sending me back to oh and Oh were horrific -they kept asking me if I had any appoitments and with them nosing about it was impossible.My family are medically qualified and did not agree wih my medical care being instructed by non-qualified.I got 2 wrong diagnosis. I think HR AND MANAGEMENTAND OHneed to acually get on and do their jobs rather than nosing I WOULD ADVISE THE ORIGINAL POSTER NOT TO GIVE ANYONE HER DOCTORS DETAILS

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