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Think I'm being sabotaged (Sorry, very long!!)

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Charlene1 Sat 16-Jul-11 23:06:26

New person started at work - I had to initially train them, everything fine, no probs.
Another person started - did same training, person said they understood it all; but then said they didn't and were concerned they were taking up so much of my time "it was preventing me doing any work" - then went to the manager for a "chat". "Big boss" comes in and announces my colleague (who has been there as long as me) will be taking over training the newbie, as we do things slightly differently so they wanted to see if a different approach would help new person.
So I was relieved I could get on with stuff, but miffed as it now appears I am no good at training! Although other person is fine with my methods!
Anyway, new person had time off and new procedures came in which I was still trying to get my own head round when they came back, so I explained the basics and said "ask if you need help".
Other existing colleague was off one day, and I got in work, we had a meeting for an hour and half with Team manager, who asked me to look at some reports the same day. I had my break and then looked at them briefly, then helped my first "trainee" with some problems they were having - which took about an hour and a half in the end, but did some reports, updates to my work and my own personal inbox as well in that time.
So, then set up the normal days tasks and new person was sat talking, mostly about non work stuff and distracting me, so yes, things did take longer than usual.
They asked me to show them old stuff they already knew how to do but "couldn't remember", and some new stuff, which I said I would later in the day.
Went for lunch and came back to find Team manager showing them how to do the new stuff as "I hadn't shown them" how to do it. God knows what had been said about me behind my back!!!!
Got told by Team manager I should have already shown them how to do it - I replied I had.
Was told "yes you are good on the system but you need to show other people"!!
But I had!!!!
Then had another recap with other trainee to make sure their issue was being sorted, and got very aggressively told by new person "you should be making sure you show me how to do stuff as I'm new". I was so shocked I replied "when we know the proper procedures and I can do it myself I will gladly tell you - we need to wait for confirmation from elsewhere".
At that point I was about to start on my own calls and work for the day, but had to deal with shared emails. So I did 3 urgent ones (out of 7 there) and started my work.
New person then asks "how much of my work and shared work I've done" - so I said 3 emails but none of my own yet. Person said "you have ONLY done 3 emails and no calls??" I just said yes, why? They just shook their head and put on a fake "shocked" expression. This was in clear earshot and view of Team manager who said to me "OMG, it's gone 3, what the hell have you been doing??" - but I think it was in a jokey way, as she is a really nice person and a good leader. I explained what I had been doing bits of all sorts, so then new person jumps in and offers to do most of the work for the day as "I clearly wouldn't have time"!!
Team manager agreed and left. I just sat there gobsmacked! So new person had made out I did no work all day and implied I wouldn't be doing any, so they would be doing it for me!!! When they claimed an hour before they didn't know how to do the tasks!! And then they didn't finish the work after offering to do it, so I had to all that the next day on top of my work!
They have the same work to do in the team, but never finish it and complain they have nothing to do!! When I suggest what they should be doing, they make excuses that "it's too late in the day to call people" etc - load of crap - we can get sales any time of the day and there is always updates to do! Myself and other colleagues are snowed under every day, always have been.
Team manager has said all the time I have worked there they can't fault my work, and I have always worked as hard as I can, but now I feel this new person is out to stab me in the back!!!

So, so fuming!!!! Reality is, with no distractions or multitasking, we are all organised and on top of it, but I have noticed that I get far more work done when this new person isn't in the office, and when they are there, suddenly everything is a rush to get things done between us all!!!

I have started noticing other things as well - jumping in to my conversations with other people, talking to me whilst I'm on the phone to customers which getting huffy when I ignore the attempts to distract me, belittling and commenting on personal stuff e.g."my nails are filed the wrong shape, they're so old fashioned", and things like making me feel I am a bad parent cos I mentioned my kids won't eat some of the things I do e.g hot curries, and I don't force them to eat vegetables they don't like - but I give them the ones they do like and will eat, so it's not like I never feed them healthy stuff!!!!!

Am I right to think that a person who has only been there a few weeks does not have the right to demand to know exactly every task I do, when I have been doing everything fine all along,??? They are clearly arselicking the bosses and slagging me off by the look of it!! My stats are usually the highest in the team so I do have evidence if necessary that I work hard. I have been nothing but nice to this person, and clearly do my job fine - so how do I handle the next "sabotage" attempt and not let them win???
Worried that I will get too stressed about this and then my work will be suffering for real - what do I do????

rockinhippy Sun 17-Jul-11 00:07:59

You need to talk to someone about this, its clearly stressing you & clearly affecting your work - sadly some people are just like this & the sooner you make it known to those that matter the better - do you have a HR person you can speak with, or a manager at least - this needs nipping in the bud PDQ, as it will likely only get worse - just remember though, people can only treat you the way you let them, so take control & sort it out - good luck

smelli Sun 17-Jul-11 00:32:50

My husband always says that people often accuse others of their own crimes/failings to deflect attention away from them. Looks like this is what your colleague is doing.

Make an appointment with your boss. Explain that you think the new person is struggling because they keep on asking for the same training again and again - and is also reluctant to get stuck into the required tasks. Say you think she's afraid of the consequences of this and tries to deflect attention by criticising you, which you do find hurtful. Then make the rest of the conversation about how you and your boss can help her. It just has a more positive feel to it than a pure whinge.

Gotabookaboutit Sun 17-Jul-11 14:49:30

smelli - spot on !

Machin11 Tue 19-Jul-11 12:10:21

Smelli, Thats far more productive than what I'd say lol.

OP, you do need to discuss this with someone, if your boss is good as you imply she is, then take smelli's advice and make it about how you can help this new person!!

rockinhippy Tue 19-Jul-11 12:19:54

Agree - smelli s husband does make a very good point, I know from experience its very true & I do agree with that been an excellent way to approach your bosses/HR on the subject, but please also find a way of mentioning how much the situation & this woman is undermining your own confidence & happiness at work.

I'm sure we've all come across these types in the work place, I know I certainly have, but my personal experience (as a boss at the time) has been that though helping them to feel more comfortable with the work they have to do, CAN help in the short term, in the long term they tend not to change their spots & therefore tend to be a liability & end up undermining the whole atmosphere & therefore productivity of a work place - hence why I think its also important you let your boss know how this is making YOU feel wink

Good Luck smile

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