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Reduced hours on Maternity and holiday pay

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mimitheminx Fri 15-Jul-11 16:28:37


I'm wondering if you ladies can help me at all. I have been working full time with my company for two years and in March I found out I was pregnant. A week after I told my manager, I had a threatened miscarriage at work and had to be taken by hospital. Work were really understanding even though my doctor signed me off for 13 weeks for me to see the consultant-turns out its a blood clot. The consultant has now said I am to go onto reduced hours and I've been working 9.30-2.30 five days a week and I'm getting on okay with that. However because I have been off for so long, instead of taking a bit chunk before my baby is due, I wanted to use two weeks maternity and two weeks holiday before my due date-to protect me from illness as they can force it anyway and I don't want to lose my holiday-and use the remaining 18 days holiday I have left to go down to three days a week. Now I've confused myself-will I get paid fulltime if doctor says reduced hours until I am due (work seem to say yes to this) and how will they use my holiday against reduced hours? Sorry if I have confused you too! x

hairylights Fri 15-Jul-11 19:47:31

As far as I am aware and I checked this out recently) if your fit note says reduced hours then the employer can also reduce your pay and holiday accrual in line with your reduced hours. Effectively you've gone part-time on doctors orders.

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