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In my mid 30's and stuck in a job that just pays the bills- help!

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Bumblequeen Fri 15-Jul-11 14:52:47

I hold a media studies degree and when I graduated 11 years ago I was unable to find a job- well one that actually paid a decent salary! I have secretarial skills so went into the Business Administration field and am now a Senior Officer./PA I enjoy multitasking and the variety this role brings, however I do not have a passion for it.

I completed a one year counsellors course and soon after we decided to plan for a family and took out a mortgage which we needed two salaries for. I put the two year degree on hold.

Five years later, I am still in the same sector and have one child at nursery. We cannot afford to pay my study fees due to mortgage, debt, nursery fees etc. Although I earn a fairly decent salary £30k+ I am at the top of my scale. I think I could cope if I received a yearly increment.

I planned to do a work based course (two days project management) but due to cuts, my organisation are reducing their spending.

Where do I go from here? I feel there are no options and I really do not want to spend another 30 years in similar roles.

I wish I had chosen a specific degree course - a subject that would have given me more choices.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 15-Jul-11 14:56:14

As a lecturer in Counselling I think you should go back - part-time, evening course then you can do your normal job at the moment.

I teach it in a local college which is cheaper than major uni's - £2k a year (so 4k for a 2 year diploma course).

Then once you have done your course you can re-assess. I never went back to my old job after training but nearly all my students have a full time job while training (yes, it is hard).

Whatever you do, good luck smile

Bumblequeen Fri 15-Jul-11 15:18:33

Thank you for your encouragement.

We cannot afford the fees. At the moment we are just (and I meant just!) managing to get through each month with very little spare. We have roughly £45k of debt (long story!). We cannot cut back anymore than we are. If the counsellors course guaranteed me an excellent salary at the end like a doctor/lawyer/accountant's salary then it would be worth going into debt for.

We would like another child but have been putting that on hold until dd starts full-time school. We cannot afford paying childcare for two children.

I hate the way money dictates what you can and cannot do in life.

tiggersreturn Fri 15-Jul-11 15:44:18

Any chance of a sideways move in your current organisation which would give you a chance of gaining more experience and ultimately a better position/more pay? Some companies are more mobile than others.

Specific degree courses with the exception of those which actually take on entrants exactly to national vacancies e.g. medicine and speech therapy are not that much more useful. The advice I received was it doesn't matter what you do your degree in but make sure your first job trains you in something and it will then be much easier (unless of course you're Richard Branson et al....)

MovingAndScared Mon 18-Jul-11 20:05:08

I think you should put your what are clearly considerable talents to getting finances sorted - if you have not come across moneysavingexpert then there is so much help and advice there -

rainbowtoenails Mon 18-Jul-11 20:21:50

With that much debt have you considered bankruptcy? Are you taking advice from cab or cccs? Sort your debt then you will have the financial freedom to do what you want.

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