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help! Difficult application question.

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moogalicious Fri 15-Jul-11 09:40:41

Hi there, I am filling out an application form for a school bursar and am stuck on one of the questions:

Full working knowledge and understanding of range of relevant policies / codes of practice and awareness of relevant legislation

I take this to mean things like child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection but I don't know what to write. I was hoping someone out there has had something similar come up!


MovingAndScared Fri 15-Jul-11 13:09:23

I think you have to say what knowledge you have - and ideally give an example from employement etc
ie I have good working knowledge of x - and demonstrated it when I did x

moogalicious Fri 15-Jul-11 17:21:37

Yes that's what I'm struggling with! have managed to cobble something together. Thanks for your help smile

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