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dreading telling work im pregnant

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worldgonemad72 Tue 12-Jul-11 21:56:59

im about 6 weeks pregnant, ive been with the company over 4 years now (smallish, family run). I had a baby in 2009 and took the 9 months statutory maternity leave, things were difficult when i returned but seem to have settled down. im still doing the same hours and job.
Anyway my boss, the wife (husband and wife team) repeatedly goes on about not wanting anyone have any more babies (i am the only person there to have taken maternity leave, another girl was pregnant but left and claimed MA), the other day i was unsure what i wanted for dinner, someone joked i had 'pregnancy brain' ,she turned and said you've still not gotten over your last baby and we dont allow more babies here.
When a new girl started last year, they asked her if she had any intention of starting a family at the interview stage (i wasn't in the interview so cannot be certain this was asked).
I just know it wont go down well, i haven't told anyone there we were trying or that im now pregnant.
I know ive got to tell them eventually and they are just going have to accept it, im just feeling anxious about it.

baldbyfifty Wed 13-Jul-11 11:06:30

Bless you, its a horrible situation to be in especially at such a happy and exciting time.
If I were you i'd keep it quiet for as long as you can and when you are going to tell them be strong and prepared to bite back should they make any nasty comments about it.
Don't hold back, stand firm and stand up for yourself i'm sure if you remind them that they are absolutely not allowed to question staff on there family plans they might start keeping there opinions to themselves.

Many congratulations!!

Imnotaslimjim Wed 13-Jul-11 11:11:51

Congratulations on being pregnant. Sorry work are arsey about it. Try to ignore them and enjoy being pregnant. They're not allowed to prejudice you for being pregnant, and you need to remind them of that.

worldgonemad72 Wed 13-Jul-11 21:17:58

Thanks for the replies, ive decided to tell them when i come back off holiday, i will be about 9 weeks pregnant then. What can they say, ive decided not go back after anyway so will probably try to claim ma instead of smp.

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