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Any Fundraiser out there?? I have an interview for Fundraising Assistant position and need some tips!

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Chocamochalatte Tue 12-Jul-11 14:02:45

I have an interview which is great, the job description includes writing to trusts and making bid applications. I have nevr done this before however I have been involved with assisting with Bursary applications.

Any interview tips would be great, I really hate interviews and are not very good at them...

KittyBump Wed 13-Jul-11 22:57:14

Hiya, I used to be a fundraiser. It will very much depend on the charity. Trust fundraising is a specific profession that requires knowledge of proposal writing, a large charity will employ a trust fundraiser who's job it is to make applications and write proposals and meet with trusts. If this is the role you may not have enough experience. If trust fundraising is just part of the role then you may be ok. The skills required for a trust fundraiser are things like accuracy, attention to detail, the ability to research, compilation of data, report writing, networking, possible public speaking.
General fundraising is quite different and much less desk based than trust fr. Skills for this are excellent communication, networking, public speaking to a wide range of audiences, enthusiasm, empathy.
Lots of people aren't vey good at interviews and most interviewers will understand this, however one of the main thing you need to be a fundraiser is confidence. Perhaps you could tell them you feel a bit nervous about interviews or that you are nervous as you really want the job, something like that that you feel comfortable saying that indicates that it's the interview making you nervous and you are usually a confident person iyswim confused general things you need to do are research the charity as much as possible so look at their website and also read about them on the charity commission website ( you can type in their reg. No. To bring up their details) this will give you an idea of the revenue they bring in, who their trustees are etc. It will also give a mission statement so you can see their main aims set out in a succinct way.
Hope this helps, good luck smile

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