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I'm changing my job and so losing my flexi-time agreement ??!!

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bloominwonderwoman Sun 10-Jul-11 07:27:34

Hi all, I've just gotten myself a new job - which is fab news...however in my existing job I had a flexitime agreement in that was fab.

My new employers have sent me a contract and asked me to 'be very flexible with my working hours'...groan. Should I request a flexitime agreement before signing or after ? As a working parent I need set hours.Any advice please ?? Thank you !

hairylights Sun 10-Jul-11 10:15:16

If you are unable to be very flexible then you need to speak to your new employer - and possibly reconsider taking the post. If they've stated it that clearly I would assume that it's important to them.

Grevling Sun 10-Jul-11 12:59:08

You can't make a flex working request until being there 12 months (might be 6) but can ask for fixed hours - though this is not the same as a formal flex working request.

Bear in mind they can refuse to offer you the job if you don't want to agree to the hours that they want and this isn't discrimination as you don't have the job yet. You couldn't apply for a Weekend job then demand that you can only do Thursday and Friday mornings (silly example but you get my point).

bloominwonderwoman Sun 10-Jul-11 17:10:44

Guys, thanks so much for the advice, that's really nice of you to reply. It sounds as though the grass isnt as green as hoped hey! I already sent an email to HR, asking if I could do the one late night shift term-time only and the rota for saturdays once per month only ... I hope that they see it as a compromise and just say yes or no rather than withdraw the job now .....Gawd !! (mild panic setting in!).

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