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im being bullied

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sezza123 Sat 09-Jul-11 20:41:36

i am having a hard time at work a manager came in and spoke to me like crap and when i stood up 4 myself and put in a complaint , all i have had is since this is shit off them. they pick at everything i do they treat me like im a criminal and i have put in a claim as i hurt my back, they quizzing every1 bout this but interigating them, i had a rant on facebook and they found out what should i do help. i am the member of a union

Putthatbookdown Sat 09-Jul-11 21:43:50

The worst thing you can do is go on Facebook etc slagging off anyone at work I beg you not to do this as this can be sackable : I know it is hard as you need to give vent. If your grievance is justified and they are making your life hard as a result then see your rep With bullying employers have a legal duty to ensure you are safe. Do not attend any meetings without a rep and ensure you keep notes on everything : see if you can get some counselling .I went through this at work so I understand.

LaCiccolina Sun 10-Jul-11 15:47:54

If you want to vent meet a mate in real life. If you want to be sacked head to facebook/twitter etc (even here if your story can be recognised!). Theres no excuse for it in this day and age.

Putting in a complaint is not a good sign, you should have taken space to calm down then gone for a coffee to sort things out like grown ups? HR doesn't work for you, it works for the firm to protect them from legal issues. You are sounding like a potential issue. The firm will now protect itself.

If you want your job, in this instance I advise back peddaling fast. Apologise, swallow your pride and mend bridges. If you really dont like it, leave and fast.

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