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xmyboys Thu 07-Jul-11 20:50:17

Sorry, another quick question, hoping someone can help.

When you are given a contract, what is the legal (if there is one) minimum requirement to read and sign?

flowery Fri 08-Jul-11 13:00:10

Your question doesn't make sense. Do you mean how quickly you must sign it? In which case it's between the two parties in question. Have you been offered a job/given a new contract that you are not happy with or something?

xmyboys Wed 13-Jul-11 10:52:36

I have an employee that wants a week to read a contract. In the end I've said they can take as long as they need, obviously won't have any work for them until it's signed though.

flowery Wed 13-Jul-11 11:01:30

I wouldn't have done that tbh. When I issue employment contracts for new starters I always put a date they must have accepted the offer by - you don't want the situation where your new employee decides to take up the offer a few months down the line by which time you've given up and employed someone else.

tiggersreturn Wed 13-Jul-11 12:43:41

Agree with flowery but you can send them a further letter saying that you need a response by x even after doing this and resending the contract. Your original offer would then be cancelled by the counter-offer.

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