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Past Practice re: benefits on Mat Leave

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ehfattyfattybumbum Tue 05-Jul-11 06:26:28

Just wondering if anyone has been in this situation before

I have a company car and when I went on OML with my employer a couple of years ago was given a car allowance and they took the car back, as happened with a number of other ladies who had mat leave.

Im expecting number 2 and as per our polices was supposed to have the car situation confirmed at my mat meeting recently (the HR person said the company have given car allowances in the past so it slikely that will be the case this time), instead I found out that the director is still considering what to abut my car and is taking his sweet time about it. Another lady in the office who is due after me (and was one of the ones who had the car took off her last time) has had it confirmed already (despite not having a mat meeting yet) that she is to get a car allowance as her car has already been redeployed to someone else and now has a hired car whereas mine is owned by the company so I can see a business case here, fair enough.

For obvious reasons Id prefer the car allowance - its £290 which I could really do with while on reduced wage and its still enough for me to get a little run around - and I know they can re-deploy my car as a pool car as enough people in the office borrow it from me for meetings etc

Question is, is there anything to be said here for past practice? They have always given a car allowance in the past, and someone else is being given the car allowance this time around, yet Im waiting to hear what they have decided and they have given me no idea when they will let me know, even though I'll be gone from the office from next month.

Obviously I know the company is a business, not a charity, but Im just wondering if they do make me keep the car if I have any case to ask them to reconsider given that its what they have historically done, and are doing for someone else.

Sorry this is long, I also dont get chance to check MN much except on lunch so dont think I am ignoring any replies

Thanks for any advice in advance guys smile

ehfattyfattybumbum Tue 05-Jul-11 10:05:20

quick bump

ehfattyfattybumbum Tue 05-Jul-11 17:13:36

hopeful bump?

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