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Leaving the country on sick leave (for medical treatment)

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MrsHuxtable Sun 03-Jul-11 11:59:30

I have suffered from hyperemesis for the last 3 weeks, have been on sick leave just as long and am signed off for at least another 4 weeks. I had a short hospital stay last weekend and while the staff were friendly, the rest of my hospital stay was horrendous. The hospital is in the process of moving so maybe that is part of the chaos.

I am originally from another European country, where I still have excellent health insurance and after a phone call to a consultant friend there, I was assured that my care there would be handled a lot differently. He told me to get on a flight and he'd admitt me to hospital under his care immediately. My mum, who has been getting increasingly worried, is also living right next to said hospital.

Anyway, I booked that flight for tomorrow but now it has occured to me that I might be doing something illegal...
Is it ok to leave the country while on sick leave? If it can be proven to be for medical treatment and not a holiday? Do i have to tell someone or would it be better to just keep quiet? I don't mind losing my sick pay if that means I can travel but obv I can't lose my job...

Any ideas anyone??? TIA

Grevling Mon 04-Jul-11 10:38:08

If you don't tell they won't find out. even if they do then consultant can give you a letter explaining you've gone for treatment.

AMumInScotland Mon 04-Jul-11 11:22:17

There's no law against leaving the country when you are on sick leave - if you were off with something like stress and had a holiday booked, you'd be free to go off on holiday abroad and your work ought to be fine about it. So going for medical treatment definitely not illegal.

I think you ought to talk to your manager or HR people and explain that you can be treated in your home country - you will be off for the same length of time wherever you are being treated, so they shouldn't have a problem.

MovingAndScared Mon 04-Jul-11 14:52:23

I am sure it is be fine but agree I would let your HR/manager know just in case they found out and thought it was odd

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