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Am I entitled to half of the relief hours?

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Reluctant2ndtimer Wed 29-Jun-11 20:17:32

I am due back to work after maternity leave next week. There is myself and another woman at work with zero hour relief contracts. She is currently working full time but will I be entitled to half the hours she is currently working?
I did a keep in touch day earlier this month and mentioned to my manager that I was due back soon and all she said was she was sure there would be some relief hours coming up for me. I got the impression she just means a few hours here and there to help out.
If I hadn't gone on maternity my colleague and I would have been sharing the hours.

Grevling Thu 30-Jun-11 00:18:34

If your on a zero hours contract they're not obliged to give you any of the work or share it out evenly. The zero hours contract really does mean "zero guaranteed".

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