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CV help please!

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MediumOrchid Wed 29-Jun-11 17:30:01

I have seen a job advertised which sounds similar to what I currently do but it's a lot more money than I'm on now. So I think it's a long shot but am going to apply anyway. So I am brushing up my CV. Do I need a 'personal statement' bit at the top of the CV summarising me and my skills? Examples I've found online have this, but I feel they are a bit, I don't know, tacky? Or are they what recruiters are looking for?

I'd be grateful for any advice. And I may well have more questions later!


MovingAndScared Wed 29-Jun-11 21:05:24

I agree Medium - I put a section Key Skill instead - making sure they match the JD of course
I am doing a couple of CVs to sent to agencies not for a specfic role and then I will be putting on in as it seem to be make more sense in that case

MediumOrchid Thu 30-Jun-11 17:28:43

Thanks Moving - I put a skills sections in, I feel I should have put it at the front but it didn't fit there so I left it on the second page - oh well, I've applied now, now to see if I hear anything from them!

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