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Resigning During Maternity Leave

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ng1412 Fri 24-Jun-11 10:42:24

I have been on maternity leave since the beginning of the year. Once I got pregnant I really didn't want to return to work after the birth as I want to be a SAHM.

My employer has approached me and asked whether I want to do a deal to leave (presumably so they can recruit for a full time replacement). I am not sure what I would be entitled to ask for, does anyone have any ideas? I am happy to do this under compromise agreement and really don't want to pursue them for any unfair/constructive dismissal claims (even though I may have the right to do so from previous treatment!).

I just want to walk away with some money in my pocket but I am not sure what that should be made up of. Any ideas?

gladders Fri 24-Jun-11 12:09:53

if they are offering you a deal (which will be a comp agreement) then it's not resigning. the starting point should be for them to make you an offer. standard practice would be for them to contribute to your legal fees, so confirm with them how much they will pay. and then consult a lawyer - an enployment law specialist.

a comp agreement is them acknowledging that this is something unusual - you can negotiate and should end up with a deal you are happy with. it's not really a case of what you're entitled to (this has nothing to do with your contractual terms or statutory redundancy) - more, what are they willing to offer.

best of luck - sounds promising.

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