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paid by previous employer 6 months after I left 3 years ago?

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charly24 Thu 23-Jun-11 23:22:50

I have recieved a letter today from a debt collector stating my previous employer paid me a sales bonus of £95 (which I wasn't eligable for as I was on maternity leave) 6 months after I had left. I left my job 3 years ago!! They are threatening me with court if I do not pay in 7 days. I was made bankrupt around this time and never recieved any payslips, nor can my bank verify the payment (due to the bankruptcy) Can they do this? and does anyone have any idea what I should do?

Mabelface Fri 24-Jun-11 11:55:25

The onus is on them to prove that you owe the money, not for you to prove that you don't. Demand proof, but I think they're trying it on.

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