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Additional maternity leave and KIT days

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ZimboMum Thu 23-Jun-11 20:56:40

My 9 month ordinary maternity leave and pay ends on 31 july but I am taking additional mat leave to make a year off, returning in November.

Work would like me to use seven KIT days at the beginning of August. I also offered to do some work from home in the last three months of my mat leave as I know they might be stretched and there's plenty of admin I could do. My HOD is open to me working from home but says I'll have to use KIT days, limiting the amount I can do. I thought KIT days only mattered during the maternity pay period, as doing too many days would affect your SMP? I have looked all over the website but can't see any reference to there being a limit on the amount you can work whilst on additional mat leave. Anyone know what the position is and able to point me to the right bit of the legislation?

Thanks in advance!

lilyrose123 Fri 24-Jun-11 12:21:00

i did KIT days when i was on mat leave
i was under the impression if you are working you cannot be on mat leave, and the only work you can do is the KIT days
if you do admin work even from home then you are working and cannot be on mat leave??
unless you could use it as a phased return to work or something?
what about HR department?

flowery Fri 24-Jun-11 14:28:49

It's not really a question of legislation. If you want to return to work early on a very part-time/ad hoc from-home basis it's entirely up to your employer whether they allow you to do so or not.

If you think your boss really wants you to do this but genuinely thinks you can't, I'd suggest phrasing it as I have, as returning to work early on reduced hours, rather than referring to it as working during mat leave.

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