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8 weeks pregnant and company is being sold

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Middledaughter Wed 22-Jun-11 12:26:42


I've just learned that the company I've worked for for 6 years is being sold to a bigger umbrella company. As yet noone knows that I am pregnant. Should I tell me boss now? He has said the sale is likely to go through by the end of July and can't tell me about the logisitics of the company transfer or whether I'lll have a job or not. I assume not as our company is based in the Southwest and the company buying us is in London and I have no intention of moving back to London.

Should I sit tight until I know more or should I tell him now?


imadgeine Wed 22-Jun-11 13:06:32

Oh - not great timing for you, is it.
The main thing to remember is that the company are obliged under UK law to treat you fairly and not discriminate on grounds of pregnancy. No way of predicting the future otherwise. Your company may be being acquired because it employs people with specialised skills that they will want to hang on to.
Your manager may well not know what is happening either unless he is at board level or a shareholder. Even then they may not know much. No way of knowing what kind of "restructuring" will happen after acquisition. Best not to assume and concentrate on doing a good job and enjoying your pregnancy.
Read your company's maternity policy to see what it says about giving notice.

Middledaughter Tue 12-Jul-11 16:01:02

Thanks imadgeine. There has been a bit of progress since I last posted. The company has now been sold but the offices remain open and we keep our jobs until the end of the year. However, our notice periods are included in that time - ie part of guaranteed work is our notice period. As I am fairly senior I am on 3 months notice. If I am made redundant this will be at the end of Sept (I say if, as there have been some vague rumbles about the new company offering me a job but nothing concrete). Can anyone tell me whether I would qualify for maternity pay? I am due 1st week of Feb so my 25th/26th week doesn't fall until mid to late Oct. If I am working out my notice does that count as employment? I know the company has a 'generous' maternity policy which suggests better than statutory. Am I entitled to this or can they just pay me statutory? I understand under TUPE regulations my 6 years of service are transferred to the new company. Urgh too many things to think about.... thanks very much.

flowery Tue 12-Jul-11 20:10:30

Yes you are still employed during your notice period, so as long as you are still employed by 15 weeks before your due date, you will be entitled to SMP regardless of whether you are then redundant.

Yes if you are TUPE'd over your continuous service will remain intact.

The company can put whatever terms they like on enhanced maternity pay, and most would at least require the individual to stay employed for the duration of the pay, and often for a while after as well. Check the maternity policy to see what terms apply. Having said that, some employers do pay extra redundancy pay to acknowledge enhanced maternity pay lost, but that's a matter for them.

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