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More senior role than mine to be hired whilst on mat leave - what questions should I ask?

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rubybambini Mon 20-Jun-11 17:03:11

My employer has called me to let me know about some structural changes in my organisation, and to say that they'll be looking for a slightly more senior role than my current one. The colleague I spoke to is also a dad, and is very sympathetic to maternity issues and said that of course, just because I was on maternity, I couldn't be treated any differently, and needed to know about these role changes etc. The phrase 'please come back, we need you!' was used, so I feel rel-a-tive-ly confident that they're keen for me to do the role.

I'm going to go in next week, but want to go in armed with a list of questions - trouble is, I'm not entirely sure what I should ask, to get the full picture - IYSWIM.

I've been employed there for over five years - it's a large organisation (2k+ employees in my area), and I am currently in my fourth month of a year's maternity (due back April 2012). DD is 10 weeks old.

The main question that springs to my mind, bearing in mind that they want someone as soon as possible, is what happens to my current role, if I don't get this one / don't want to apply for it? Is that a redundancy situation?

What else should I sound him out on?

I'd love the job, as it happens, but wouldn't want to go back full-time next April, so that's another consideration.

deepfriedcupcake Tue 21-Jun-11 09:48:28

I think (but am by no means an expert) that your current role would be made redundant if it's being restructured as a more senior role. So if you didn't go for it / didn't get it, and didn't apply for any other posts available then you'd be made redundant. I think that anyone else 'at risk' of redundancy could also apply for the new post.

As they can't make you come back from mat leave early, if they want the post filled quickly, if you got it they could maybe get someone to cover it for a few months or leave it empty till you returned.

Would you want to go back up to full time time at some point? My boss did a phased return, starting at 2 days a week, working back up to 5 days by 6 months. Do you think it could work part time, or as a job share?

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