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unofficial demotion after returning from maternity leave?

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flowersinherhair Mon 13-Jun-11 19:47:38

Hi, I have worked with the same company for 7 years, returned from maternity leave in April. I'm a manager of my department, used to work 30 hours but now do 16. When returning to work, my assistant manager was told by the MD that she was to take the lead of my department.
Nothing at all has been said to me, my contract or rate of pay hasn't changed but other people have been told I'm not the manager anymore. I don't attend heads of department meetings anymore, my deputy does.
I cant really say any of the big managers are horrible, they just act as if I'm not there...e.g not talking to me.The MD has spoke to my deputy and said to her that I'm getting above myself and other bitchy things.
I think this has all come about because basically I had a chat with my manager and told her that I was hoping to go to Uni in 2012 to retrain for a different career.I get the feeling they are trying to get me to resign.

flowersinherhair Mon 13-Jun-11 20:13:29

Bumping...does anyone have any advice for me? xx

mollymole Mon 13-Jun-11 20:36:55

could it be that they need a different person to be Manager because of your restricted hours - if your pay has not been changed then you are still being payed as a Manager and if you are not going to there too much longer is it really a problem ?

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