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lateatwork Tue 31-May-11 07:52:25

Hi... I am currently under consultation and am applying for other opportunties internally. the one i thought i would get- i havent been successful. How do I go about questioning their decision? They have given me a brief email on the reasons why, but is there anything more that they are obliged to do? i get the feeling that they are just going through the motions and any job i apply for i will be rejected. i think they are trying to speed up getting me out the door.

flowery Tue 31-May-11 08:30:53

Has someone else got the job or is it still vacant?

lateatwork Tue 31-May-11 09:24:45

its still vacant as far as i am aware. they already had an external candidate to take up the role but i think interviewed me cause they felt they had to... i dont 100% fit the role... but in my opinion could definately do it. its at the same level (pay wise) that I am currently on.

lateatwork Wed 01-Jun-11 09:00:55

also, would be nice to know what their obligations are re redeployment. I am actively looking and have spotted another opportunity. I got a copy of the jd and despite me saying i needed to think about it before applying (it involves a move internationally...) HR set up a meeting with the manager with 17 hours notice. The inference being unless I attend the interview, that's it- wont be able to apply. I feel like I am being bullied.

flowery Wed 01-Jun-11 09:50:38

They shouldn't be recruiting externally until they've ruled out internal people where those people would otherwise be redundant. Impossible to say from what you've said whether they were reasonable to reject you for the first one or not. Did you formally request a trial period in the role?

In terms of the second one, they've set up a meeting with the manager of a role you've expressed an interest in. Difficult to see that as 'bullying' - you are not obliged to commit to the role at the moment and if you are umming and ahhing about it surely a meeting with the manager is a good idea to find out more?

Their obligations are to redeploy you if possible, which means giving you access to all vacancies and placing you in something suitable if there is anything.

What are the timeframes? Have you actually been given notice yet, or if not when is your consultation period up?

lateatwork Wed 01-Jun-11 12:14:52

I agree- but they already had the external candidate lined up prior to the start of my consultation period (ie were at an advanced stage of the interview process but no formal offer made to the external candidate). I spoke to the employing manager and was told this. Does that make a difference? And no, I didnt ask for a trial period- can I do this now after they have rejected me?

for the second role, it wasnt a meeting with the manager, it was an interview for the role (ie potential presentations etc etc) it wasnt me finding more information about it- which is what I wanted to do and asked for more time to do on Friday pm but they went ahead and were pushing me into doing an interview before i was ready- and now I am assuming that I am not even able to apply. HR have not responded to any of the emails I sent last night.

i dont know when the consultation period is up... but am guessing its Friday as they have just sent a meeting request.

I am pregnant. 21 weeks. Havent made it to my QW yet and thus at the moment am not eligible for SMP. i know they dont have to do anything 'special' for me but am finding it hard to work out what they are obliged to do for anyone in my situation. I am truly trying to find redeployment internally but really feel that being flung a list of jobs with no closing dates and no status is a little off and then when I ask- oh that one has just been filled, that closing date has gone etc

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