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HR help needed-disciplinary : health grounds

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Putthatbookdown Sat 28-May-11 20:33:06

Suddenly called in for a dsiciplinary:puzzled as all going well over past 3 months .Reason I had exceeded no of sck days allowed .I had been unusually poorly for a week or so and they had felt it inappropriate to discipline me then. I do however suffer from a chronic condition and had had a request to attend OH also 3 months ago so quite separate illness. The guy was nice but did not really do anything than skirt very general clinicalissues and tell me tosee a Specialist((my Gpcandothis) Hesaid I was genuine but no regadjustments advised .Then bizzarly hetoldme to take adrug which isfor a condition I do not have .My Specialist would refuse me this drug-and Gpsays no more .Management would not show me thereport andstated as I had not followed OH recommendations this has influenced their decision re disciplinary.I was not advised at thetime thatthe OH matter came into disciplinary field and thoughtthey weremerely supporting me-which they have in the past done very well. The letterasks me how I amgoing toimprove my attendance which I cannot do as I have not been off sick for the past 3 months. I have signed 2 consent forms giving permission for gp to give reports but appears none were received. I really do want to stay in good health and currently things appear to be ok.

bringinghomethebacon Sat 28-May-11 21:37:19

Sounds odd that the discplinary is party based on not following OH recommendations yet they have refused to put them in writing. I would ask them to put the OH recommendations in writing so that you can give a copy to your GP and get your GP to write a letter to say that the drug is not recommended for you or that the GP does not agree with the recommendations for XYZ reason.

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sat 28-May-11 21:46:38

When i've had staff go to occ health they've always recieved s copy of the report, you should ask for a copy of it. Is your condition likely to be covered by the dda?

A delay of this length of time is strange to me, did they say why? What stanatd of attendance are they asking for? Are there any ajustments you would like them to make? Have they said what they intend to do if you are sick again?

Putthatbookdown Sun 29-May-11 13:22:13

Your replies are great .Part of the absence was for the longterm condition so covered by DDA so yes I can appeal it.Right.Thanks. The longterm condition isnot life threatening but the rest of the time off for the one off was very serious ;actually it was Management that sent me to doctor thus avoiding potential hospital admission so they did well there. I think that what has happened is that HR has got hold of the employee record and just seen that it exceeded the no of daysallowed in a year. Management insist OH wasa consultant in x medicine but he is only OH not aprescribing doctor.This may be why they are hiding the report as Ichallenged this. He may have a grasp of the area of medicine but I replied no to all his questions as not relevant to me. One thought struck me that he might have been called in re medical earlyretirement but again I have good attendance.The finalpoint I have tomake- and you mayfind this prettyawful Imust warn you-the OH thing just HAPPENED to be a couple of days after I had returned from the serious one-off .I was still pretty ill and I advised the OH guy of this -he totally ignored what I said and did not even have the decency to ask me how I was- looked straight through me -I took fromthis that he was no doctor . I reckon if Ihad collapsed on the floor hewould have probably justleft theroom . I wish I had taken a witness with me but none was offered. Unbelievable really .Oh and it was on workpremises- very unusual-normally we go to a centre and take friend with us . Further disciplinary action will follow if any more sick leave taken

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sun 29-May-11 14:07:45

It's not unusual ime for oh to be triggered by going over the number of days rule. Did they do an oh referral re your long term condition what did that say. Was you one off on any way related ie more likely to catch or suffer from illness or not able to take certain drugs etc. They should be making allowences for your absences with regard to the dda and if this is the only one that's not from your long term illness I would be suprised if they took to disp action. Also remember that even if it does result in a meeting that doesn't mean you wil get a disiplinary.

Putthatbookdown Mon 30-May-11 07:42:31

Management will go ahead with an oral warning . I have advised that even if doctors did go ahead with more drugs it would entail a long long absence but provided OH back this management have stated this is ok. It is therefore obvious they are not going on my wishes re my health and those of the doctors that treat me.Also certain tests need to be carried out prior to thosedrugs being delivered and so I will ask OH to carry out these tests and administer the drug themselves. I bet they will decline.

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