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Issues re different job after returning from mat leave!

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appleballcatdog Fri 27-May-11 23:31:41

Hi, just wondering if anybody could help. I attended my back to work meeting today after maternity leave and have been having a few problems. First of all, before mat leave my dp and I worked shifts around each other to look after dc1 and save on childcare. When I sent a letter with my intention to go back to work I had no answer so eventually phoned them to be told the shifts I worked originally were not available and the only hours they had left were the same as my dp's. As they wouldnt budge after several calls to try to sort it, Dp managed to change his shifts to fit around my work. All sorted until I spoke to them today to be told that actually they will be having a re-shuffle later in the year with everyone so now the new shifts are not guaranteed either. Obviously if this is the whole company I understand there isnt much I can do about this.

However, after signing a form about my return dates etc, on my way out I was told casually, "oh by the way you will be working downstairs now". I am stumped! I have worked there for 5 years, I have always worked on the 2nd floor and I am very stressed about moving. From what I can gather I should be entitled to exactly the same job but what constitutes this? The company is a large one with several departments (its a store) but the staff are not mixed up between upstairs and down, you either work on one or the other. I will have the same job title but I will have completely different colleagues, management and tasks. General duties will be similar I think but I dont really know anything about some of those particular departments (although they were not specific about which department I will be on). To confuse matters, a lot of stock is moved to different areas of the store and for a few months before mat leave a certain range was stocked upstairs which has now moved downstairs so I know they will just say that this is why I have been moved even though the dep was only there for a few months out of the 5 years I have worked there. I really dont know what to do about this!

StillSquiffy Sat 28-May-11 12:47:54

If it is essentially the same job with same job description but in a different dept there is nothing you can do about it unless you think there motives are suspect (ie they are wanting to get rid of you or similar).

You say there will be different 'tasks'? what do you mean?

flowery Sun 29-May-11 18:34:01

Sounds fine as Squiffy says. How long have you had off on maternity leave. If you go back after 6 months or less you are entitled to the same job, if you take longer than 6 months you are entitled to something suitable, which it sounds as though this is.

What exactly is your concern? Is it that you don't know the stock as well? Any reason to think you won't get training or guidance on that?

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