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Would you get otta bed for...

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Treadmillmom Fri 27-May-11 13:05:12

...£48.75 per week.
DH works and I'm on a temp contract Since February ends in October.
I work 3 days school hours and after childcare for the youngest I'm left with £48.75 per week.
My manager has allowed me to work evening durings the school holidays as childcare for 3 children is more than I earn.
I'm feeling a little bored, missing the youngest, missing my mates but I do love going out to work.
Is £48.75 per week worth the hassle?
DH definately doesn't think it is.

vickibee Fri 27-May-11 13:08:58

It won't be forever, once the kids are older childcare costs will go down. Working keeps me sane and it is not all about the money. How old is the youngest one?
Do you qualify for help with Childcare costs via tax credit or childcare voucher scheme at work

evieS Fri 27-May-11 14:24:36

Hi there...only you can truly decide whether it's 'worth it' or not... maybe it would help to write a list of pros and cons? Remembering that the pros of working are not always about financial reward - in fact, money is often (surprisingly) not the main reason for maintaining a connection with the world of work. If you 'love going out to work' maybe this temporary contract can be the springboard to something more? At the very least it's an entry on your cv... Whatever you decide, please don't be beating yourself up with guilt - working or not working, you're still your children's fantastic mum...

RufousBartleby Fri 27-May-11 14:31:04

Yep, this is pretty much what I get out of bed for! Thing is, we really need that extra £50 a week!

As well as needing the money I also think about how hard it might be for me to get a job later if I have a gap on my CV now (not in a high demand area)

Vix1980 Sat 28-May-11 08:26:23

It does seem unfair to you now that taking into account everything you have to do in the week your only left with that amount, But i was unemployed for 3 years getting around that amount each week too. I have never been so stressed or depressed, wondering how i could afford to live, where the next penny was coming from, what if i couldnt afford to eat etc.

I now work 4 days a week part time as it is the only job i can get really doing shop work. I now earn after taking all bills and food out around £36 a week, I would not change it for the world. Im so much happier, i have something to live for and even though i have a 40 minute commute by train i Love every second of it just to be part of the working human race again, Its not about the money for me now its about my own self well being. I know you have children so its different etc but think about yourself for a moment, would you be ok wihout the money, what about when your children are in school, you will be alone yourself and believe me it really does get to you in the end. Just thinkc arefully about all aspects of not working/working etc, good luck

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