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Bank holidays what happens if you are already off?

(12 Posts)
upahill Mon 24-Jan-11 19:46:20

If you Monday is your normal day off what happens with Bank Holiday Mondays?

Do you get an extra day off somewhere else or just lose out?

Bunbaker Mon 24-Jan-11 19:49:18

It depends how many days a week you work. I work two days a week ie two fifths of a week, so I am entitled to two fifths of the bank holidays. It makes it easier to work out because I work Mondays.

flowery Mon 24-Jan-11 19:51:33

Doesn't matter what days you work. If you are part time you get pro rata whatever a full timer gets.

So if a full timer gets 20 days holiday plus 8 bank holidays, and you work 4 days a week, you should get 4/5 of that, so 16 days holiday and 6.4 days for bank holidays, if my calculations are correct.

If not enough bank holidays fall on your normal working days for you to take your allocation because you don't work Mondays, your employer should let you take them at another time.

suzikettles Mon 24-Jan-11 19:51:36

You get bank holidays pro-rata, so say you work only Wednesdays & Thursdays you'd get 2/5ths of the bank holidays of a fulltimer.

In my work it gets added to your annual leave, but of course you have to use some of it for any bank holidays which fall on your working days, so in the above scenario if Christmas and Boxing Day fell on a Wednesday & Thursday then you'd have to take 2 days A/L to cover for them, and then another for New Years day.

Depending on the days you work and when Christmas etc falls you can find yourself having to use normal A/L to cover for bank holidays if there are more on your working days than you're entitled to.

That makes it sound far more complicated than it actually is grin

upahill Mon 24-Jan-11 19:54:11

So if you are full timer but work Tuesday to Saturday how would that work?

I get a bit baffled by these things!! confused

suzikettles Mon 24-Jan-11 19:56:07

You'd be entitled to all the bank holidays and I guess would get them added to your annual leave just like a part-timer, so you'd have extra days to take in lieu of the ones which fall on one of your non-working days.

flowery Mon 24-Jan-11 20:00:04

If you work full time but just don't happen to work Mondays, you need to check your contract to see what you're entitled to. Basic statutory holiday is 28 days which can include bank holidays so as long as you are getting at least that, it doesn't matter whether you happen to work Mondays or not.

if you have people who work the same hours as you but get extra time off because they work Mondays, that's not fair and is something to address, but you don't have specific legal protection unless you are a part timer comparing against a full timer.

upahill Mon 24-Jan-11 20:06:56

Thank You everyone.

westofsouth Fri 13-May-11 00:05:39

I work 20 hours a week, Monday Tuesday and Saturday, My store is normally closed on Bank Holidays so I work in another branch that remains open on bank holidays and i get paid 2bl for that. This time i`m not scheduled to work in other branch. Monday being my regular day of work, 6.5 Hours on rota every week for last 2 years, I am told by manager that I wont be paid reason being store will be closed so i will not be working, instead he tried to change my day from Monday to Wednesday but i refused to take that day. Want to ask you guys where do I stand? and is there any law or something that i could tell my manager regarding part time workers & bank holiday.

purepurple Sun 15-May-11 08:48:40

I was going to post exactly the same question, upahill grin
I am dropping a Monday to go to college and was wondering what would happen to my Bank Holidays and holidays.
So if I have 25 days as a fulltimer I will be entitled to 4/5 = 20 days plus 4/5 of 8 bank holidays- 6.4 days (thanks flowery)

Noahbear Fri 10-May-13 15:56:07

purpurple, i was wondering if you took your bank holidays that you would normally work, i.ei. Good Friday, christmas day, out of your holiday entitlement?

Chottie Tue 14-May-13 05:32:40

Where I work part timers whether they usually work BHs or not have a pro-rata % for BHs added to their annual leave card. There is a special table for working it out. It looks rather like a sine / cosine table !!!

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