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Part-time Contract but working full-time hours as covering another part-time post

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tamegazelle Sat 15-Jan-11 17:08:23

Just over two years ago I applied for a job. There were a number of part-time posts and successful applicants could take one .5 post or two posts if they wanted to work full-time. I work in a large public sector organisation.

I took one part-time job, but a year later was asked to cover another post (ie one of those originally advertised) so became full-time. When I accepted this arrangement, I made it clear that I wanted a contract for the post I was covering (even if it was only for a fixed period). In the meantime, I had to claim the salary for the post by filling in a timesheet.

The Service Manager did not respond to my request (yet he was the person who had ased me to cover the post) despite repeated E Mails. Abouit 6 months ago, I went to HR and wrote a letter of complaint stating that
due to the lack of contract, I had not received payment for Bank Holidays that took place during the working hours of the additional post, had not received a leave allowance and had would not receive any pension payments.

The Service Manager responded by paying me an 'acting up allowance' - this was a one off payment which he said was more than equal to te value of the Bank Holidays I had lost. He also undertook to advertise the post that I'm covering internally. Unfortunately, he did not do this and I am still in the same position. I should add that part of the problem is that the person concerns fails to reply to any E mails abojut anything!

My substantive post is fixed term and I would like to pursue the issue of the other post before my contract expires.

The points that I want to pusue are as follows:

The employees who took the two part-time jobs to become full-time, were given contracts which gave them a full-time leave allowance. It was therefore perverse not to give me a contract when I took on the additional post or to advertise the post as previously promised.

When I was awarded the acting up allowance, they should have explained in detail what this covered.

I have lost out on leave, pension etc due to this arrangement and as a part-time employee have been treated less favourably than full-time employees doing the same job.

Just wondered what the HR people amongst you thought of this? - I think that I have nothing to lose by pursuing this - but wondered how successful i'm likely to be?

CarGirl Sat 15-Jan-11 17:11:08

You need an expert, flowery is one of them.

Have you joined the union? I would recommend that you do so!

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