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Screwed up by complaining

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Droppedinit Sun 09-Jan-11 17:33:05


I have had a difficult relationship with my boss for some time - others doinng jobs similar to mine have all had promotions, grade rises etc without being noticably successful. I on the other hand have improved the processes in my area such that I have handled more than three times the caseload when I started - I am being paid about £15,000 less than a collaugue whose caseload is less than a quarter of mine - and whose recruiting of new clients has meant that the amount has sttayed static for three years (I was in his area when she took over and I had taken the client list to around 35 that it has stayed static at to this day). That person goes out to lunch, has regular coffees with my boss, and he has also authorised expensive (£10,000) training for him overseas, whilst I have stuggled to get even a basic certificate course approved.

I have complained about this by raising a grievance, and then after six months raising another grievance about the specific training issue - both of these were ignored bt on receiving the second (asking for a management certificate training I was sent an e-mail effectively saying that I was the 'sort of person' who would only want training to develop my career, not the company I am working in. In this e-mail he also admitted to not reading or caring about my annual appraisal documents, and that he had submitted a report saying that no-one wanted any trainingin any of the appraisals.

I asked him what he meant and said that what I had heard concerned me, and he launched a six month long investigation in which he alleged that a female nude picasso I had on my wall was 'the display of pornographic material'.

I have had to endure a whole lot of very biased questioning and inferenced that I shouldn't get representation because the subject is so embarrassing. I might be faced with instant dismissal, and he is not letting me examine the evidence against me properly before I have a disciplinary hearing.

This all sounds wrong to me and I asked if we could hear the grievances properly first and was told that 'we haven't had grievances from you' even though I have copies of both written complaints.

I'm at a bit of a loss, but have got union support, but I can't tell if a) discrimination is an issue (all the others getting pay rises are male), b) its a lack of following grievance issue c) I should just protest my innocence at the disciplinary hearing or d) if the whole thing is constructive dismissal.

Its awful and very stressful, not least the impression I have that they all seem to think I am some sort of sex obsessive. I'm suffering quite a lot.

Any advice?

Heroine Mon 10-Jan-11 09:29:31

My god, this sounds awful!Discrimination looks possible as does constructive dismissal -I think that even if they dismiss for legit reasons, you could argue that they unfairly broke the employment contract by not addressing your grievances anyway - but that is a more complicated use of the law than I am used to. I will try to get back to you but I suspect your employer would not want a tribunal as they would look awful at it so getting there might be your best tactic

hairyfairylights Mon 10-Jan-11 19:04:35

This sounds totally crazy, and I think if you have got copies of everything, you'd be well placed to go to tribunal if they are not hearing your grievances, and dealing with them appropriately. Of course, you'd have to resign to claim constructive dismissal.

They'd be within their rights to say they felt the picture was inappropriate and ask you to take it down.

Droppedinit Mon 10-Jan-11 22:07:27

I know that they would be within their rights, but the picture has been up for a while - and they haven't asked me to take it down, they used it to launch the 'investigation' into persistently inappropriate behaviour, but they have NEVER complained before about anything - The investigation was raised the day after my second grievance..

Droppedinit Mon 10-Jan-11 22:08:34

oh I forgot to ask - if they sack me is that constructive dismissal too?

Heroine Wed 12-Jan-11 23:58:16


doozle Thu 13-Jan-11 00:01:46

If they sack you, surely that's unfair dismissal, not constructive?

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