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What to do about work?

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hippieshake Sat 25-Dec-10 19:55:23


My Husband and I started trying for a baby earlier this month, we don't know if we're pregnant yet, but fingers crossed.

The problem is that I only have a 14 hour contract in my job. I've been promised that it can go up to 20 hours in January, which would really help with maternity pay so I'm pretty much bending over backwards to please my boss.

I'm a supervisor in a retail store. I get paid minimum wage (the same as the regular staff) although I often have to run the shop in the managers absence. I'm always working extra hours without any thanks. I have to work Boxing Day and the Bank Holidays with no extra pay and no day off in lieu (sp?).

I'm really unhappy in my job, i feel underpaid and unappreciated, but at the same time I feel like I could really do with the bigger contract to help with the baby.

Is it better to have the security of more hours and money leading to better maternity pay, but be really unhappy in my job? Or to stick with the 14 hours, cut back my workload and struggle with the pennies?

I really need some advice.

raspberryroo Sat 25-Dec-10 20:52:34

I would think about my childcare options on return to work - if indeed you want to go back - How are the 14/20 hours worked ? a 14 or 20 hour job would for me be ideal on return to work - just enough

hippieshake Sun 26-Dec-10 07:32:17

They are just given as little shifts throughout the week.

It's more a worry about money though with me being on minmum wage. I only bring in around £350 a month off 14 hours x

RockChick1984 Mon 27-Dec-10 12:09:28

If u r planning to go back after maternity then 20 hours may be better in terms of tax credits? However, check what your maternity terms are to see if the extra money is gunna make much of a difference to you, your own happiness is the most important thing. Xxx

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