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Trying to get a job seeing Job center But pregnant no one wants me!!

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Scruffyhound Wed 15-Dec-10 16:28:06

I have been going to the job center for about 2 months now Im 24 weeks pregnant. They are now putting more pressure on me to find a job. You have a different benefit when its 28 or 29 weeks and dont have to sign on I was told by one man. But before I can get there they want me to come up with other ways of finding a job. I would of done this ages ago! I have 6 weeks left to work who the hell in the right mind will take me on?! I have tried temp work and applied for 10 jobs I have no doubt I would be in work now if it was not for me being pregnant as i have never been out of work before. So what do I do?! I know once baby comes and Im a bit more sorted and baby is a bit older I will get a job. But in the mean time Im not sure what to do?! I feel like they are putting the pressure on and I dont feel I have anything more to offer?! {confused}

WestVirginia Wed 15-Dec-10 17:16:12

Ask them if you can apply to the Job Centre to work alongside them as a Civil Servant.

Scruffyhound Thu 16-Dec-10 10:19:01

Thats a good one I like that! I will see what they say grin probibly no. Then back to the application!! I have an interview now next thursday at the job center to say what have I done extra asking at Asda or asking at local shop. People who I have worked with said they would contact me if anything comes up. But some of thier jobs are 50/50 at the moment! I feel bad for being pregnant. I wanted to enjoy this one as the last one was sooo stressful as I disslocated my knee at work and had physio right up until I had baby. I also had pressure from work to go back to work with the injury so as they would not get found out. I had enough and said no. I could not do anything for weeks in a full plaster cast. I was hoping this pregnancy would be better smile I suppose it does not matter what your doing whilst pregnant you will always have stress just different types of stress.

RockChick1984 Thu 16-Dec-10 11:17:43

Tell them u have registered with job agencies, that u r looking online at all the recruitment websites, and u r sending your cv off everywhere and asking that even if no vacancies please can they keep u on file. I've never had to sign on, but I know someone who was in a similar situation (her mum was very ill, she knew it wouldn't be long til she had to stop working to care for her full time) and apparently you just tell them all this and ask them what else they can suggest and you should be fine. She eventually got work thru a temp agency which is what she had wanted anyway! Good luck, try not to let it stress u too much, remember u haven't got long to go now xxx

Scruffyhound Thu 16-Dec-10 22:34:03

Thanks Rockchick1984! I cant help getting stressed! I feel like a let down. I have done everything I think I can its down to people wanting me really I cant do anything about that. Thanks for the support! And rockchick1984 is that because you were born then? Just wondered as Im a fan of metal/rock of that era!!I like metal now as well. Just wondered grin

RockChick1984 Sat 18-Dec-10 00:55:42

It's both - born 1984 but I love all my 80's hair rock! Whitesnake r touring next year, but I'm pregnant at the moment an my baby will only be 2 months old so don't think I can go, am gutted! I know what u mean about pregnancy stress but honestly don't let it spoil things for u, hope they just agree to keep paying u, I'm sure everything will work out for u xxx

Scruffyhound Sat 18-Dec-10 05:28:09

Ah thanks RockChick1984! Glad to hear there are still hair metal people out there!! I went to see W.A.S.P about 3 weeks ago my partner brought tickets for a supprise. It was sooo good. We spoke to people there and they said Motley Crue/Poison are doing a tour next year. So will see if its true. As for going to Whitesnake you will have to see if you can go or not. Depends if you can leave little un its hard when there that small! Thanks about the job thing I cant do anymore I have resided to that conclusion now. What will be will be I cant do anymore..... smile

gregssausageroll Sat 18-Dec-10 08:51:59

Do you keep a diary of everything you've looked at and applied for? When I claimed jsa I did this. It meant they could see exactly how often I searched websites, papers and agencies and what I applied for. Sometimes it was a bit repetative but at least it was there. I wrote down everytime I looked at the Job Centre website, the local area jobs website etc.

Your other ways of finding work - and again, keep a diary/copy letters is writing to local companies to tell them about you and asking that they keep you on file. Apparently lots of jobs are not actually advertised because of CVs already with HR on file.

Have you written to/registered with agencies for temp work? Again, keep and print copy e-mails/letters for the people at JSA to see.

I had a bit of a meltdown 13 weeks into claiming. I hated signing on and felt very embarrased and intimidated everytime I was there. I spoke to a lovely lady who told me I was doing everything absolutely right and that providing all the evidence was good and to keep going the way I was. It proves you are looking and looking hard as opposed to those who just sign on every 2 weeks and make no attempt.

Keep going and if I think of anything else I'll post back.

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